Berlin (dpa) - competitive pressure, an uncertain future and always new environments: the job of an e-sportsman is not easy. In Counter-Strike and Overwatch, the psychological stress of the professionals is already an issue. But what about League of Legends?

In order to promote the mental well-being of the professionals, LoL developer Riot Games announced in early June for the USA and Canada the collaboration with the organization "Crisis Text Line", which offers free support for mental health problems.

For Maurice “Amazing” piece cutter, however, it is by no means enough just to talk about the problems. Amazing is the coach of Misfits Gaming, a team in the European LoL league LEC. "Either you change the basic structure of the scene or you just drop water on a hot stone again," he says to the German Press Agency.

The trainer sees the biggest problems in stress during the season and in working conditions. “You train eleven to twelve hours a day. You have to play so much to stay up there. »

In almost six years as a professional, Amazing has gained a lot of experience in teams such as Fnatic and Schalke 04 Esports. So he had a lot of fun playing in the first five years of his career.

Every decision about him was communicated transparently, but at some point that changed. "Then someone else could decide what would happen to me. How I am positioned, how I am used - and I no longer felt involved as an anti-authority person. »

This lack of transparency is the greatest source of uncertainty and discomfort among players for Amazing. Other factors are the team spirit and the opportunity to talk to someone about problems. Some LEC teams hire sports psychologists and performance coaches, but according to Amazing this has not yet been taken for granted in all organizations.

One of these performance coaches is Fabian Broich, currently as Head of Performance for the LEC team Excel Esports. "I think League of Legends is the most stressful game in the world," he says. «Every two to three weeks there is an update and the game changes. This change creates stress, stress creates more pressure, and the pressure makes it almost impossible to stop playing. »

A requirement for the presence of a sports psychologist or performance coach in all LEC teams therefore seems entirely reasonable for Broich. «I think that there should actually be a requirement that there are more staff. Because it's very important for a healthier and longer-term league. »

Broich sees the necessity above all in the fact that many of the young players have little awareness of what they really need and how problems actually arise.

Openness is therefore essential for him when dealing with players. To counteract the stress, it helps to "change everyday life, break the rhythm and do sports." He would always recommend his players to refrain from playing rather than train to exhaustion.

Another step to draw attention to mental health in the scene is taken by Schalke 04 Esports. The Gelsenkirchener Verein will play in black jerseys until the end of the summer season to signal the topic.

Half of the income from the jersey also goes to the Robert Enke Foundation, which works, among other things, to educate people about depression. Several videos about the mental stress of professional players have also been announced.

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