The Amsterdam court of appeal decided on Thursday that Tony D. should be detained on suspicion of involvement in the Djordy Latumahina crime murder in October 2016. The man was previously acquitted by the court for lack of evidence.

According to the court, there are currently sufficiently serious objections to detain 37-year-old D. The man was arrested in June because he is now also suspected of involvement in the plans to murder criminal Naoufal F. in 2015.

The court will decide on Monday whether D. will also be detained in the latter case. It is legally possible to demand imprisonment for several cases.

In both cases, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) has (new) evidence in the form of encrypted, but legible messages sent with PGP telephones.

According to the judiciary, men formed a murder command

According to the judiciary, it is now clear on the basis of these reports that D. has formed a so-called murder command together with fellow suspects Cedric R. and Djurgen W. R. as a man who accepted the assignments and W. and D. as executors.

That would also have been the case with the Latumahina crime murder. R. and W., unlike D., have been convicted on this case.

The court found that based on these indications and the statement of an anonymous witness who says that D. was involved in the murder of Latumahina, there is sufficient reason to order imprisonment.

Man continues to deny involvement

D. himself continues to deny that he is involved in the murder, as well as the intention to liquidate F..

He says he had had contact with his fellow suspects because they were involved in the soft drug trade together. He says he has nothing to do with murders.