Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council, wants the ban on cheering, screaming and chants in stadiums and demonstrations to be abolished. RTL Nieuws reports this on the basis of a letter to Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) and Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security), which is also owned by

Shouting and cheering would increase the risk of spreading the coronavirus, but according to Bruls this is a medical argument and enforcing that ban is "not realistic" in practice.

The fact that the ban cannot be enforced is, according to Bruls, "disastrous for the credibility of the government, for the sense of justice of citizens and for the support in society".

Singing in choirs is allowed, while, unlike many football matches, this usually takes place in enclosed spaces and that "does not promote support," says Bruls.

No 'cheering police' instituted

Earlier, the Breda mayor Paul Depla already indicated that he would not institute a "cheering police". Bruls agrees with that statement.

"Moreover, we (safety regions, ed.) Do not have to maintain. That is up to the organizer," Bruls said earlier.

Just as in the catering industry, the responsibility for compliance with the corona measures lies with entrepreneurs and event organizers themselves. The security region can only intervene if the rules are repeatedly violated.

In the first instance, the safety region will stick to warnings, but if this has no effect, in the most extreme case a catering business can be closed temporarily. Stadiums can also be temporarily closed by order of the safety region.