Lola Odusoga's life was revolutionized in her twenties in 1996, when she was elected Miss Finland. The choice of Odusoga initially provoked a lot of discussion and criticism. When she then finished third in the Miss Universe, everyone was sold and Odusoga was praised profusely.

In an interview with Me Women, Odusoga explains how she had planned to move to the United States after her millennial. He had done a lot of work for his dream and the United States already had an apartment ready for work and work contacts. However, everything failed at the last minute.

- For the first time in my life, I had put all the eggs in one basket. That was a mistake. I had sold my investment home, which I had bought with my Miss Year’s money. I had given away my fun wash for fun. In addition, I exchanged my boyfriend for a new one. I was so crazy that I told my new boyfriend that of course we were going to America together, Odusoga says in Me Women.

Lola Odusoga did well in the Miss Universe and had little to do with an international career in the United States. Picture from 1996.

Photo: Bo Stranden

The move came to a halt when Odusoga unexpectedly didn’t even get a work permit in the United States. He couldn’t move to America, fell on top of nothing and had to start all over again. For the first time in his life, he had free time and he decided to use some of it in nightlife.

Odusoga tells Me Women that she spent a lot of time in bars at the time and her circle of friends was there. As a result of the celebration, he splashed his money at a rapid pace.

- Everything I had earned and saved during my mill year was sown in a couple of years in my supposed circle of friends. I offered food and drinks, took them on trips. Two people from that circle of friends have been left in my life, Odusoga says in an interview with the magazine

Odusoga tells Me Women that it later turned out that her friends weren’t very trustworthy. He realized that the situation had to change.

- After all that, I had to fix my reputation, finances and work situation. The relationship was not good either. They were the hardest two years of my life.

Odusoga's life took a new direction when he met his children's father and ex-spouse Jarkko Wallinkoski. The couple met in 2000 through mutual friends.

- Every time we came across through mutual friends. I was single, but Jarkko was dating. I once told him to call when you’re not dating anymore, and it didn’t take an awful long time when he called, Lola reminded IS of 2012.

Jarkko Wallinkoski and Lola Odusoga in 2011.

Photo: Tuomas Selänne

A couple of years after their first meeting, Odusoga and Wallinkoski started dating and the wedding was celebrated in 2005. However, the couple's union ended after ten years in 2015. The ex-couple has two children, a daughter born in 2004 and a son born in 2006.

Early this year, Odusoga said in his Apu magazine blog that with his divorce, he was left completely empty and had to start again from scratch.

- I'm back mortgage holders asuntovelattomaksi tenant. I moved from my dream home to a one-bedroom apartment where I didn’t own a bed, but slept for two years mostly on the couch. Since then, I have changed to a bigger apartment, and also just acquired the right of the bed, Odusoga told in his blog.

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Since his mission, Odusoga has created a diverse career in entertainment and media. She has been seen in several TV series and worked as a model. In recent years, Odusoga has been seen in the Survivors of Finland, Suomen kaamei roommate and Tanssi peppu small.