Renault Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo has lifted his frustration after the second F1 race of the season on Sunday.

In yesterday's race 70, the second to final round, both Lance Stroll and Lando Norris overtook Ricciardo. Eventually, 31-year-old Ricciardo finished eighth.

However, Aussi feels that 21-year-old Stroll should have been punished for the situation. The Racing Point driver forced Ricciardo off the track in a bypass.

- First of all, he didn't actually get past, but he forced us both off the track, Ricciardo opened up according to

As a result of the skirmish between Stroll and Ricciardo, the early sensational driver, McLaren’s Norris, eventually got past both. At the end of the race, Norris rose to fifth place after also passing another Raicing Point driver in the final lap, Sergio Perez, who had a front wing.

The competition jury did not see anything reprehensible in Stroll's actions. Stroll itself also considered its threat company to be a normal competitive situation.

- It was a very challenging situation, but I saw an opportunity. It was a small opportunity, but I took advantage of it. It was a very hectic and exciting tour, Stroll commented.

Ricciardo had to be suspended in the opening race due to technical problems, now another Renault driver, Esteban Ocon, had the same fate.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Pool / Florent Gooden / Zuma / MVPhotos

For the Renault team, the start of the season has been heavy at all. In the first race a week ago, Ricciardo had to be suspended due to engine problems. Yesterday, another Renault driver, Esteban Ocon, had the same fate.

- It's very, very frustrating. These are the parts we get from the supplier. In more detail, the problem is in radiator welding. We have checked all the welds, but we have not found the cause of the problem, Renault CEO Marcin Budkowski told

Budkowski says they used similar parts already in the winter tests, and no problems were found at the time. The radiator parts are now being transported to Renault’s England plant in Enstone for examination, as was the case after the first race.

Renault will not have time to acquire new parts for the next race, so according to Budkowski, the stable will have to settle for repairing existing parts.

The next F1 race will be run this Sunday in Hungary, on the Hungaroring track.