Kornwestheim (dpa / tmn) - blue, purple, violet: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) brings the holiday feeling from the southern French Provence back home with its rich colors and a seductive fragrance. The smaller stems are particularly suitable for the pots on the balcony and terrace.

For example, the light to dark purple flowering variety 'Peter Pan' reaches a height of around 45 centimeters, explains gardener Hans Müller from Kornwestheim. The variety 'Coconut Ice' is also suitable for the balcony. It has white and pink flowers and is about 30 centimeters tall, says the expert.

The plant is used to the sun and heat from its homeland - lavender should also be offered here in this country. Lavender is best poured not in the midday heat, but in the morning or evening. In addition, the water should not flow through the leaves if possible, but should be given directly to the earth above the roots. This rather prevents the formation of leaf diseases such as mildew.

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