The second race of the season in Austria was the Lewis Hamilton show. If the opening weekend was on Valtteri Bottas’s screen, the contrasting reigning world champion was at least as stylishly back.

However, Bottas retained his World Series spike in second place, so the F1 circus will move on from the very teasing set-up on the Hungarian Hungaroring track. Max Verstappen finished third in Sunday's race before second Red Bull driver Alexander Albon.

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Kimi Räikkönen, who suffered a Ferrari crash that ended in interruptions, was 11th and was left licking his keys just outside the points.

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Ilta-Sanomat's editorial board will go through the stages of Sunday's GP. This time, Tommi Koivunen, Joonas Kuisma and Marko Kainulainen sit on the jury.

Tommi Koivunen

Star: Especially Saturday’s time trial was memorable. The pole position, which came with a crushing superiority of 1.2 seconds, paved the way for an easy race victory. Lewis Hamilton has now won a record 14 F1 seasons in the tube. So every year in the World Series. A legend whose career will hopefully continue for years to come.

Topic: Racing Point drivers were bad at times, but the race showed some of the car’s potential. The car, which looks questionable a lot from last year’s Mersu, is sure to still drive podium finishes - if and when it is still considered legal. Renault protested the car yesterday, and not necessarily without justification.

Moka: Although Sergio Perez and Alexander Albon collided in the end, there is only one option for this. Charles Leclerc was too busy leaving. Amateur crash to your teammate. Had the parts been the other way around, Sebastian Vettel would certainly have gotten even more public crap around his neck.

Scalp: The passing itself seemed pretty easy with the help of drs, but it was one way or another, Valtteri Bottas did a great job after grabbing Max Verstappen's scalp. The three extra points that came from it could rise to unpredictable value in the World Series, which is shorter this year than it was years ago.

Surprise: While last weekend and actually last season gave an indication of this, McLaren has actually built a good car. In time, the drivers toured in the top teams, in the race Lando Norris made a great ascent and Carlos Sainz the fastest lap. Second place in the World Series!

The kneeling before the race again caused controversy.

Photo: POOL / Reuters

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Joonas Kuisma

Star: Mercedes stable. The sensory problems in the opening race evaporated with a week of work and the potential of the cars was unleashed. Lewis Hamilton dominated from start to finish and Valtteri Bottas eventually rose quite easily from second to four. There is no challenger for this group.

Subject: Ferrari stable. The start of Ferrari’s season is like Pier Paolo Pasolini’s films: sometimes you don’t understand what’s going on, but it feels bad to watch. The Maranello people have scraped 19 points from two races in the manufacturers ’World Cup. Mamma mia!

Moka: Charles Leclerc huddled both himself and his teammate Sebastian Vettel in the yard already in the opening round, trying an incomprehensible pass. Result: I pulled the rear wing to the shin, and the bottom of Leclerc's car broke. Embarrassing mistake after Leclerc's strong opening race.

Scalp: Lando Norris overtook both Racing Points in the final round and rose magnificently to fifth. Before the final laps, the mention would have gone to Sergio Perez, but he ruined his great race by trying to pass Alexander Albon and breaking his car, allowing Norris a last-minute overtaking.

Surprise: Norris ’podium finish the week before wasn’t just a bubble. The 20-year-old Briton had enough challenges over the weekend with chest pains and starting penalty. The future superstar will be third in the drivers ’World Championship series after two races.

Hamilton grabbed a record victory for 14 consecutive F1 seasons. Bottas retained the World Series spike in second place. Third-generation Dutch driver Max Verstappen reached third.

Photo: Joe Klamar / Pool / REUTERS

Marko Kainulainen

Star: Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton took the second race of the season in a sleek, gesture-free name and returned to the top spot after a difficult opening race. With his sovereign performance, he elevated himself again to be the biggest champion favorite, even though Bottas is still ahead of the World Championship points.

Topic: The good performance of the Racing Point drivers and the battle of the teammates was a boost to the boredom race. Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll came to the checkered flag side by side after a phase-out fight. Perez, who started the race from box 17, came to the finish line almost sensationally in sixth place and Stroll took 13th place in seventh place. Plus, the pink cars are pretty cute.

Moka: The crash of the Red Devils caused by Charles Leclerc further darkened Ferrari’s situation. After two races, Ferrari is only in fifth place in the manufacturers' World Championship points situation, which is a disgrace to the more famous car brand of the formula circus. Team manager Mattia Binotto certainly hoped for a more conservative run and sure points as the Top Finishes gloomily escaped after past time trials. Ferrari's mutual quarrel also became the fate of Kimi Räikkönen's point dreams. In the situation, he had to slow down at the expense of several investments.

Scalp: Valtteri Bottas was able to rise second to Max Verstappen at the end of the race. Bottas had a faster car, but Verstappen did his best to keep the Finn behind him. Bottas said after the race he enjoyed the rest of the rigorous race in an otherwise somewhat monotonous race.

Surprise: Lando Norris drove an intact and good race on his McLaren. Norris, who started in the sixth race in fifth place, is not a huge surprise. More surprising is that he was four places better in the start than his teammate Carlos Sainz above.