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Florida Zoo conducts corona test on gorilla
A Florida zoo has tested a gorilla for the first time on the corona virus. Shango, a 31-year-old male weighing nearly 200 pounds, was taken to the animal hospital after a fight with another gorilla. While the monkey was under anesthesia, the medical team took the opportunity to take a corona test, which ultimately turned negative.

Shango, our 433 lb. lowland gorilla is immobilized for treatment of some wounds he experienced in a confrontation with his brother. In an abundance of caution, he also received tests for COVID-19. Thankfully - NEGATIVE!

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Public services are once again held in this Catholic church in Bogor, Indonesia, albeit with considerable precautions. (Photo: Pro Shots )

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More than 15,000 infections in Florida set a new record.
The Florida authorities have confirmed 15,300 new infections. That is the largest daily increase for a US state to date. The old record stood at 12,847 new cases, which were registered in New York State on April 10.

Florida alone has more new infections than all countries in the world, except Brazil and India. Due to the revival of the corona virus, Governor Ron De Santis has now ordered that shops, restaurants and beaches should close for the time being. However, mouth masks are not yet mandatory in the 'Sunshine State'.

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Hong Kongers keep their distance from a polling station for the primaries, which are held today. Hong Kong saw another sharp increase in the number of corona infections last week. The government fears a third corona wave. ( Photo: Pro Shots )

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LCPS: Two fewer corona patients on IC
The number of corona virus patients in ICU today is 24, two less than yesterday. This is evident from figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). 

With the number of non-corona patients (545), the total IC occupancy amounts to 569, 19 patients less than yesterday. Six patients with the coronavirus have been admitted to a hospital outside an ICU.

"We have now observed a stabilization in the number of corona patients for two weeks. The IC occupancy has been stable at a low level for a month now," said chairman Ernst Kuipers of the Landelijk Netwerk Acute Zorg.

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Demonstration in The Hague against corona measures
Some 150 protesters today came to a corona protest in the center of The Hague, writes Omroep West .

The protesters had gathered at the Buitenhof. From there they walked to the Koekamp. The protesters disagree with the government's corona measures, such as the 1.5 meter distance.

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Actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai infected with coronavirus
The Indian actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai and her nine-year-old daughter have tested positive for the coronavirus. Several media report this, including The Guardian , on Sunday. 

The actress is married to the well-known Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, who turned out to be infected with the virus on Saturday. Bachchan's father, Amitabh Bachchan, was also found to be infected with the virus. Both actors have been hospitalized but have mild symptoms.

It is not known whether Rai and her daughter have been hospitalized.

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Today about 150 people came to a demonstration against the corona measures in The Hague. As far as is known, the action went without incident.


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MLS game delayed 15 minutes before kick-off due to positive corona test
The Major League Soccer game between Toronto FC and DC United was postponed just before kick-off, because two players have (possibly) tested positive for the corona virus. The American Football Association published at 2:46 p.m. Dutch time, fourteen minutes before the scheduled start time, a statement that the fourth game of the MLS is Back Tournament will be moved to a new date. Read more here .

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United States again breaking own record number of daily infections
The United States has today reached a new record in the number of new corona infections . 66,528 corona infections have been reported in the last 24 hours, John Hopkins University reports .

The previous record was set the day before yesterday. Then, 63,200 new infections were reported.

There are now a total of over 3.2 million infections in the US. Nearly 135,000 people have already died in the country as a result of the coronavirus.

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A woman leaves a 'closed zone' in the Indian city of Kolkata. The city is divided into different zones in order to be able to act quickly with new flares in the number of corona infections. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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Sex workers demonstrate for reopening brothels in Hamburg
Yesterday, dozens of sex workers in Hamburg, Germany, took to the streets to demand the reopening of the brothels in the city. The brothels have been locked for months because of the corona measures.

The sex workers say they are at a disadvantage as shops, restaurants and bars in Germany reopen. According to the protesters, they can take adequate precautions to avoid contamination, including face protection and recording customer data.

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Travelers returning to Sydney must pay for mandatory quarantine themselves.
People arriving from 18 July from abroad from Sydney must pay for their mandatory two-week quarantine at a hotel. According to the New South Wales state government, travelers have been given enough time to return to Australia, ABC News Australia writes today.

Adults have to pay around 3,000 Australian dollars (over 1,800 euros) for this quarantine in a hotel. Each adult member of the same family also pays 1,000 Australian dollars, children cost 500 Australian dollars. The government had previously paid for these costs.

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India reports record increase in corona
infections The Indian government today reports a record peak in the number of corona virus infections. In the last 24 hours, 28,637 new infections were reported. 
The peak is a reason for the authorities to introduce a week-long lockdown in the south of Bangalore, a city of over eight million inhabitants.

Nearly 850,000 infections have now been reported in India. The country is thus beyond Russia. After the United States and Brazil, India is the country with the most infections. So far, 22,674 people have died as a result of the coronavirus.

Significant increases can be seen in the densely populated cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. Several states have announced new lockdowns in risk areas.

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Thousands of people demonstrate in Tel Aviv against corona policy

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Hungary again requires quarantine for returnees from high-risk countries.
Hungary will tighten controls on people returning from abroad. That is what the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced today.

Hungarians from countries designated as 'yellow' or 'red' risk areas must undergo a health check at the border and must be quarantined. Other travelers, who do not have the Hungarian nationality, are still allowed to travel to 'Hungary' from 'yellow' countries but are refused from the 'red'.

The Hungarian government has labeled the Balkan and neighboring Ukraine as red because of the spikes in corona infections. The Dutch can still travel to Hungary.

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Images of Trump with mouth mask

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Theme park Walt Disney World in the US state of Florida partially opened its doors yesterday. However, measures have been taken against the corona virus. For example, visitors are required to wear a mask in the park and fewer entrance tickets are sold than usual. (Photo:  Pro Shots)

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Thousands of Israelis demonstrate against Netanyahu's corona policy
Thousands of people are estimated to have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv tonight to demonstrate against the government's corona policy. A second revival in the number of infections in the country has led to some of the previously relaxed corona measures being reversed.

Protesters are upset about what they believe to be ineffective government action during the corona crisis. As a result, the economic damage in the country is greater than it needed to be, protesters say. Read more here .

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Trump first spotted with a face mask
US President Donald Trump was publicly spotted with a face mask yesterday for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak. He was wearing the face shield while visiting a military hospital in the state of Maryland.

The United States recorded a record 66,528 new infections within 24 hours yesterday, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

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Dozens of US marines infected with corona on a Japanese basis Okinawa
On the Japanese island of Okinawa, a few dozen American marines have been infected with the corona virus. The governor fears a massive outbreak on the relatively small island and has asked for explanations from the United States military, AP news agency reports .

According to local media, about sixty Marines have been infected. Governor Tamaki doubts whether the US military has done enough to prevent contamination.

More than 50,000 Americans are stationed on the Japanese island. The US Navy said in a statement that activities outside base would be suspended for the time being.

Until the outbreak among the Marines, Okinawa had about one hundred and fifty corona infections.

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The most important corona news of Saturday 11 July: the


  • Dozens of people came to a memorial for deceased care workers on Dam Square in Amsterdam on Saturday.
  • There are 26 corona patients in intensive care in the Netherlands on Saturday, one patient more than Friday. On Saturday, corona patients occupied 77 hospital beds outside the ICUs, eight more than on Friday.
  • Misunderstanding of corona rules: why is one allowed, but not allowed? In consultation with, the Ministry of Health provides text and explanations.
  • André Rieu wants to give extra concerts in the summer of 2021 at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. In conversation with De Telegraaf, the violinist says that he has informed the mayor of the city that he wants to perform twenty times, because there is 'something to catch up on'.

  • Disney World amusement park in Florida reopened on Saturday, despite the state facing tens of thousands of new corona infections. Disney World was closed for more than three months.
  • Wearing face masks is mandatory in more places in Croatia . From Monday, a mask also applies to shops, bars and restaurants
  • More than 12.5 million coronavirus infections have been reported worldwide , according to statistics from John Hopkins University. In total, more than 560,000 individuals died from COVID-19. 
  • The mouth mask policy in Belgium has been further tightened today. Wearing face masks is now mandatory in shops and all indoor areas where many people gather, such as cinemas and museums.
  • For the fourth day in a row, protesters in Serbia took to the streets last night to protest the government of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his approach to the corona crisis.
  • The US state of California will release up to eight thousand prisoners early in late August to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Brazil passes the limit of 70,000 coronavirus deaths. 1,214 deaths have been registered in the country in the past 24 hours. In total, there are now 70,398 deaths in the South American country. After the United States, Brazil is the most affected country worldwide.

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