The first episode of the four-part Dubai Danish Women series follows the lives of personal trainer Helene and clothing designer housewife Ditten in Dubai.

- I have not experienced inequality here as a woman. Before, women were despised and not allowed to work, Helene assures.

Helene is a personal trainer who was thinking of making money in Dubai.

Helene turns in her car to the palaces of the mighty family of Al Habtoor. The women in the billionaire family had found him on Instagram and asked for their coach. Helene gets to where few are concerned. Usually women who walk to cover their faces wear quite ordinary sportswear with him.

Ditten’s visa reads the housewife, not her career, but she designs designer clothes on a part-time basis.

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The livelihood of Ditten and her Danish husband Christian comes from Christian’s work. Our own clothing business takes Ditte to the outskirts of Dubai, where the majority of the workforce lives. That side of the polished city is not usually seen. They have been able to afford to hire a maid Rose.

A Filipino lady is a mother of three who wants to secure her children’s education and send her pay to them. She misses her family very much, but can’t go back home.

When Maja from Denmark moved to the country, camels walked the streets. Now he sells homes to customers from all over the world.

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The Swedish Women in Dubai program, seen last year, featured Swedish beauties living a luxury life who saw nothing in their new home corners worth criticizing. Fortunately, Danish Danish women dive a little deeper than a glossy surface.

Danish women in Dubai, Sun 12.7. Theme & Fem at 11.20 pm