UFC wrestler Makwan Amirkhani grabbed the dominant victory at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi. In the first installment of Danny Henry of Scotland, Amirkhani covered Finland's time with a relentless anaconda crunch in a match between Saturday and Sunday night.

With the victory, he became one of three UFC featherweight contestants who have managed to win the match twice with anacond stroke.

The victory was especially sweet for Amirkhan. The 31-year-old struggled for the first time since November last year, when he lost to U.S. top Shane Burgos in a third-round technical knockout.

After that match, the Finn realized that things had to change.

- The New York match was a turning point for me. When you lose, no one is patting your shoulder and bragging, it’s pretty lonely then. He realizes he’s the only one responsible, Amirkhani said after the match at a press conference posted on Twitter by Niall McGrath, host of The Bash MMA podcast.

Amirkhan’s match break eventually stretched much longer than expected. The Finn was supposed to face Mike Grundy at the end of March, but the corona pandemic set new plans.

In the end, the training period stretched out in the face of compulsion turned out to be a kick of luck. Now Amirkhani is perhaps in the shape of her life.

- Everything has a reason. Of course, it wasn’t nice to prepare for a match that would suddenly be canceled. On the other hand, whenever I otellut, I have since then made me feel comfortable and holidays. This time, I decided that no matter how long the corona break lasted, I would continue training as I did in preparation for the match, even stronger. For the last three or four months, I trained non-stop, and this followed, Amirkhani noted.

The 31-year-old contestant openly admitted that training has not always been completely professional throughout his career. In the future, however, things will be different according to the Finnish competitor star.

The goal is high and far away: Amirkhani is already wondering what kind of condition he can get in after a few years of relentless training.

- In a team meeting iskuvalmentajani wondered how on earth I have been able to stand up to the UFC at that amount of training. I have never been a physical wrestler, which has forced me to use my mind and be cunning with my movements. I got excited when I started to think about what would happen if my strength and fitness were at the level they should be, Amirkhani recalled.