In a crash with two gliders, the two Dutch pilots died on Saturday afternoon. The planes landed near Dülmen in Münsterland, Germany, just across the border.

It is not known exactly what happened. The two planes may have collided with each other in the air or not be able to make time for the tall treetops.

Rescue workers found the two victims in a forest area between Dülmen and Lüdinghausen on Saturday, WDR reports . The forest is near Borkenberge airport.

Later on Saturday, the police announced that it concerned two Dutch men. Their age or place of residence has not been disclosed.

The two planes landed several hundred meters apart. One of the bodies had to be searched with detection dogs.

The German aviation authority is investigating the crash.

In Dülmen im Kreis Coesfeld sind zwei Segelflieger kollidiert und abgestürzt - die zwei Pilots sind dabei gestorbe. Who es zu dem Unfall comb, is neither unklar.

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