In 2021, Netflix will release the original Swedish series, the idea of ​​which was set in motion by familiar royals. The series is directed by Rojda Sekersöz, a respected Swedish actress and director. Netflix announced the series on Wednesday. The six-part series is produced by Nexiko. Other creators of the series are Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung and Camilla Holter. The plot of the series was inspired by the new winds of the royals of the world: the royals want to live an ordinary life, free from royal duties.

Last autumn, it was reported that the children of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and the children of Princess Madeleine would no longer belong to the court. Carl Philip has said he is happy for his children to have the opportunity to live a more ordinary life without royal titles. The departure of Harry and Meghan, the duchess of Sussex who has shocked the world, from the British court is also the inspiration for the series.

Swedish Prince Carl Philip wants a more ordinary life for his children.

Photo: Mattias Hellström / Swedish Press Agency / MVPhotos

The series tells the story of a prince named Wilhelm who begins his studies at a boarding school. In the new school, the prince is finally allowed to seek himself, and royal duties do not weigh. However, the twists and turns of the adulthood series lead to a difficult choice: love or responsibilities.

- I am proud to be a part of this brave people, that can not be dismayed at the great origins, honor, class and tradition in front of the story, the writer tells Ambjörn release.

Sekersöz describes the series in a Netflix release as exactly what the director himself would consider as a marathon, section after sequence. According to Sekersöz, the series will contain all the ingredients of an interesting drama series.

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The director is also happy to make a Swedish series for Netflix.

- It feels exciting, fun and impressive when I get the opportunity to give the world a broader view of Sweden through Netflix, Sekersöz says.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry broke away from the inner circle of the British royal family during the spring.

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The new drama series has no name yet. The series will be released in the autumn of 2021. Director Rojda Sekersöz is known, for example, for the Dejta series that started in Sweden this year. Dejta is based on the Finnish Klikaa mua TV series.