The Helsinki Stock Exchange fell in June after a sharp rise in the previous month, as hopes of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic eased slightly. Unwavering optimism was replaced by concerns about a new increase in infection rates as countries began to dismantle restrictions on the spread of the disease.

In June, the favorite shares of Finnish private investors fell more sharply than the general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The value of the “public portfolio” of the twenty most owned shares by private investors, compiled by Taloussanomat, fell 2.8 percent during the month. The portfolio, originally worth 10,000 euros, returned close to purchase prices.

The portfolio was pulled down by the food company Raisio and the pharmaceutical company Orion in particular. The department store company Stockmann and the network equipment manufacturer Nokia rose the most.

Orion's share quickly recovered from the shock caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as uncertainty about the progression of the disease and its financial impact led investors to seek safe havens for their assets. The stock rose more than 50 percent of mid-March base prices by the end of May.

However, the rise leveled off in June. Demand for safe havens waned from the height of the corona crisis as stimulus measures pushed money into the market and states continued to open their economies in places despite increasing levels of infection.

Despite the decline in June, the stock is still one of the best-performing securities in the financial news portfolio.

Nokia continued its share price in June. During June, the company announced that it had entered into new 5G agreements in Taiwan, Singapore and China.

Nokia also released the French government from its commitments made in connection with the Alcatel-Lucent deal five years ago. At the time, the company promised to maintain jobs in France and increase its R&D staff. In June, Nokia announced plans to cut more than 1,200 jobs in France to streamline operations.

Support for the stock was also provided by news based on sources in the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. government is considering supporting large U.S. technology companies in acquiring European 5G companies such as Ericsson or Nokia. The goal of the federal government is said to be to tighten the competitive environment for Chinese Huawei.

Stockmann, which is undergoing corporate restructuring, also rose strongly in June. The stock, which rose 14 percent during the month, is still the weakest performer in the portfolio. The department store company, which had been in trouble for a long time, started a reform program last year, but the coronary virus stifled Stockmann's cash flows and drove it into restructuring.

The share price continued to fluctuate in June, close to its all-time low.

Changes are coming to the portfolio next month, as June was the last month that the engineering company Metso's shares were traded on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. At the end of the month, the company's owners received shares in both the mining technology company Metso Outotec and the valve company Neleks in their portfolios as a result of the merger of Metso and Outotec.

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