The cause of the fatal accident with a stint in Oss can never be determined, according to an investigation by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) and the police. In a collision with a train, four young children were killed two years ago and the supervisor and another child were seriously injured.

The OM calls the results of the investigation "very disappointing".

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the supervisor who ran the stint cannot be blamed for anything. "She has done everything to prevent the collision and has to live with the fact that this did not work."

It is not yet clear whether the producer of the stint will be continued. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the investigation into this is still ongoing.

Stint still moving during collision

The investigation into the cause of the accident revealed that during the accident in September 2018, the driver made every effort to halt the stint. She was unsuccessful and the stint was still moving when it passed under the barrier and also when the vehicle collided with a train.

No traces were found on or in the stint that indicate a defect or malfunction shortly before the accident.

The surviving relatives and the driver of the stint were informed of the investigation results by the Public Prosecution Service earlier this week.

Renewed stint still not on the road

Earlier research by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) already showed that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management paid insufficient attention to safety in the admission of motorized vehicles such as the stints. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen apologized for this.

Shortly after the accident in Oss, the minister prohibited stints from access to public roads. Since then, the manufacturer has been working on returning the vehicle to public roads.

A previously renewed design was rejected in September last year by the Road Traffic Service (RDW).

At the request of the next of kin, the new electric wagon will not be called a stint, but will be called BSO Bus. The BSO Bus includes a steel roll cage, side mirrors and a 'black box'.