Dutch police say they found a torture booth built by a criminal group in the village of Wouwse Plantage near the Belgian border. The BBC, among others, reported on the matter.

On June 22, police raided a warehouse in the village. Seven cargo containers were found in the building, six of which were intended as prison cells.

According to a police release, the seventh container, on the other hand, was clearly prepared to torture people. The container was soundproofed and had a dentist's chair inside.

Among the suspects, the container was called a “treatment room,” according to police.

Handcuffs were attached to the roofs and floors of the containers. The prisoners were to be monitored by video link.

Protective vests, garden scissors, scalpels and police uniforms were also found in the containers.

Police say they have arrested six people in connection with the case.

According to police, one of the containers was clearly intended to torture people.

Photo: Screenshot from a video of the Dutch police

Police had been keeping an eye on the warehouse building since April. According to police, several suspects worked on the containers almost daily.

The containers had not been used as prison cells before the police attack.

Police tracked down the containers after tracking criminals communicating in EncroChat in a joint French-Dutch operation.

EncroChat was a service designed for encrypted communication favored by criminals. Service administrators announced they would cease operations after a police operation.