Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) confirmed to the Estate House when she arrived at the government's negotiations on travel restrictions that the government may not get all the decisions on the 30,000 jobs to be verified made in the September budget debate. According to him, they should emerge in the rift view.

- It is clear that the budget debate must have a vision of how these first 30 000 decision-making jobs can be created. It is possible that we will not have all the processes (because of the corona) completed by the time of the dispute, but the view must be.

According to Marin, in connection with the supplementary budget, the government agreed that the previous schedule could be flexible because of the interest rate. However, decisions need to be made during the fall.

The prime minister also wanted to give his support to the social partners, who he said have done a good job during the interest rate spring. Organizations are expected to contribute to the identification of employment measures.

Several government sources were told IS Minister of Finance Matti Vanhanen (middle) made a mistake in the morning when he confirmed in Helsingin Sanomat over the weekend that the goal is still to decide on all 30,000 new jobs. According to IS's information, Vanhanen has been updated on the map in connection with the policy made in connection with the supplementary budget, and everyone is committed to making decisions during the autumn.

The confusion was thought to be due to the fact that when the five took a new line in the context of the supplementary budget, the center was represented by the then Minister of Finance, Katri Kumuni (center).

Disagreement between the center and other governing parties now seems to be raging. Kulmuni took a stand on the debate on Twitter by calling the government for agreed decisions on the budget dispute.

- Employment measures are expected for a year and in the autumn budget debate, decisions must be made on them in accordance with the government program (30,000) and, of course, the level of ambition of 60,000 employees must be raised, as agreed, Kulmuni said.

So far, IS has not reached the Minister of Finance, Matti Vanha, who is currently participating in the government's negotiations on border issues at the Estate House.