Sara Sieppi, 29, has bought an apartment. Missikaunotar talks about it on Instagram.

- Now I believe in love at first sight! Eka own cabin bought, Sieppi glows in connection with his release.

Many celebrities congratulate Siepp on the comments in the picture.

- Good luck good luck, writes Martina Aitolehti.

- Jeeeeeee, rejoices Maryam Razavi.

- Jee good luck, wishes Emilia Seppänen.

Sieppi said in an interview with Ilta-Sanomat in the spring that by the end of 2020 he wants to be a homeowner.

- If I buy that apartment now and look at what comes next, Sieppi laughs.

At the time, he said he would start his housing project in earnest after the summer.

- This time has made me think that I want something more permanent. I have lived all the time in rented and changed over the years many times. My home has changed frequently and I have traveled a lot, my life has been quite a muddle.

In the spring, Sieppi did not yet know where he would like to move. He keeps all options open.

- I don't know if I want an old detached house on the outskirts or if I want a 50 square meter semi-detached house in the center of Helsinki.

- I've always dreamed of an old, small and sympathetic grandmother's cottage. I'm starting to think that maybe I feel it might be live and put alone in a detached house and its yard. I love the atmosphere of old homes.

Back in the spring, Sieppi said he planned to live in his downtown apartment for the summer.