The roast of the sun, the roar of the engine and the plague, and the long wait of spring and early summer was like a memory only.

The F1 season kicked off on Sunday in Austria. The victory at the historic start of the season was driven by Valtteri Bottas, who led the race almost sensationally from pole to finish. Teammate Lewis Hamilton rose from the pocket to the standings, but eventually Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and McLaren’s Lando Norris, who grabbed the first podium in his career, passed the time-honored Briton.

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Up to eight interruptions were seen in the race. Kimi Räikkönen's driving was interrupted in the 55th lap when the right front tire of his car came off. The weekend for the Finn, who started the race on Sunday 19, was difficult.

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The beginning of the season has been marked not only by the constraints and empties constrained by the corona pandemic, but also by the debate on equality and the fight against inequality. This was also seen in the Red Bull Ring track.

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The IS editorial jury is clearing the stages of the GP run on Sunday. This time the committee includes Tommi Koivunen, Janne Oivio and Annastiina Lehtonen.

Tommi Koivunen

Star: Although Valtteri Bottas had a bit of luck with him, from pole position to victory and a 13-point lead over Lewis Hamilton was the perfect opening of the season. Flawless presentation. Corona precautions and a face mask didn’t stop the champagne party, which was gratifying to see.

Subject: Mercedes' superiority. Without safety cars and silverware, so the technical problems of black cars would have been completely cheeky. Looks like no one else has any chance. Too bad, because otherwise the pack is nicely messy and smooth.

Moka: The punishment given to Hamilton for a collision with Alexander Albon was incomprehensible. Last year there was a lot of talk about the jury and the policies that raceing should be allowed. This decision was a step in the wrong direction. Hamilton couldn’t really hit anything

Scalp: Lando Norris shook the fastest lap of the race, narrowing the gap to Hamilton in less than five seconds while clearing the first podium spot of his career thanks to his compatriot’s time penalty. The star of the online and Finnish world will quickly become a global superstar if such results continue.

Surprise: Despite the long break, it was somewhat surprising but also gratifying that the race was a really decent opening race for the Wanha Federation. Only 11 cars reached the finish line! This knows good for next week, as there is little time for repairs and technical problems are likely to be seen even then.

Hamilton - Bottas 0-1 after the first Austrian GP.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma / MVPhotos

Janne Oivio

Star: Lando Norris! The young British driver was sensational all weekend. The time trial was already a storm warning, and Norris also curved through the race in an exemplary manner. Norris and teammate Carlos Sainz fought fiercely for the ranking at the end of the race, and the British were stronger. He pulled the fastest lap in the final round of the race and rose past Lewis Hamilton - taking an extra point. Amazing performance.

Topic: Charles Leclerc’s driving skills are in a class of his own, but Ferrari is still in a miserable mess. McLaren and Racing Point were at least as fast, Red Bull and Mercedes far from barren. Clearly, these were the unexpected power outages of the Italian team, which are rumored to be in the safe deposit box agreement between the team and the FIA. It’s no coincidence that Haas and Alfa Romeo, who raced on the same engines, walked as steadily as Rane and Kerava’s packages.

Moka: The “show of solidarity for equality” that preceded the race was three-pence performance art at its best. F1 has strayed really far from what Colin Kaepernick sought during his protest generation during the national anthem. Who in this world wouldn’t say they are “on the side of equality”? Just the same who stood and who knelt. Lewis Hamilton’s Black Lives Matter t-shirt was the only weighty message of the moment. The matter is literally vital, implementation failed. A show about a white man.

Scalp: Valtteri Bottas withstood the pressure of Lewis Hamilton from start to finish. The technical problems didn’t bother, but Hamilton and others stayed behind. The first installment of the championship battle went to Bottas, who showed his pressure tolerance in the middle of a safety car circus.

Surprise: McLaren is crunching in financial trouble over the corona pandemic, but the pace was great. Red Bull and Mercedes are going for their spending, but Racing Point wasn’t faster on their copy market after all. Ferrari was also on the same line. Renault, which supplies the Mac's power sources, was left behind light years later. During the early part of the season, McLaren will have the opportunity to build its setups firmly in the Manufacturers ’World Cup - as long as the technology lasts.

Second and third in the opening race, Charles Leclerc (left) and Lando Norris got a strong start to the season.

Photo: Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Annastiina Lehtonen

Star: No ambiguity. Bottas ’pace from time to time for Sunday’s race was sweet to watch. Leading from pile to finish line, though Hamilton, who had risen from the venue to the heels, warmed up at the neck.

Hamilton got a rank from time to time and started from the screen with five, but yes, the world champion also showed pieces of his danger. However, this was not enough for this batch, and the start of the British driver's season, which shone in the weekend's rehearsals, was overshadowed by one name. The still life creates color for the battle for Hamilton and Bottas ’unique season top spot.

Topic: There has been extensive discussion under the GP about inequality in the sport, with Hamilton as the most influential voice user. With the exception of Alfa Romeo Räikkö and Antonio Giovinazzi, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kvjat and Max Verstappen, all drivers knelt before the national anthem to show their solidarity in the fight for equality. As a single gesture, the message is in danger of being lean.

Moka: As one of the top favorites in the season, the Red Bull sack with its adjustments. Verstappen's race was interrupted already in the 11th round, from which the enraged driver opened his word coffin to his team radio. The stable of the stable star driver stalled and the car leaked to idle, and then the game was in it. By the way, up to eight pauses were seen, of which Räikkönen's play ended after 54 rounds. The detached right front wheel and the penalty that rumbled about it do not know a good start for Alfa Romeo.

Scalp: "Where were you when Valtteri Bottas led the 53 Austrian GPs in the round?" That's what narrator Niki Juusela asked, and many others thought for sure. The duel between Bottas and Hamilton is probably one of the bubble, the hottest drama arcs under the postponed season. Bottas is in good shape for his life, and with these performances, the Nastolan is seriously challenging his teammate race by race.

An additional mention of McLaren’s Lando Norris, who rose to third in the afternoon tinted by the interruptions. Hard opening.

Surprise: As for the news heard during the race about Ferrari’s camp, the race was not perhaps the biggest but unfortunate surprise was to watch the Italian stable’s pain with its adjustments. Both Leclerc and team boss Mattia Binotto have already spoken in a lamentable tone about how the team will start the first two races of the season with the old settings. The seam rains on the litter of Mercedes and Red Bull.