On Monday, U.S. President Donald Trump commented on the racism debate that took place around Nascar in recent weeks on his Twitter account.

- Has Bubba Wallace apologized to all the great Nascar drivers and officers who came to his aid, stood beside him and were willing to sacrifice everything for him only to find that the whole thing was a hoax? That and the ticket decision have led to the lowest-ever viewership, President Trump wrote sharply.

In his tweet, the president referred to a series of events that began in June, centered on Bubba Wallace, the only dark-skinned driver in the series. A rope resembling a hanging loop was found in the depot facilities used by the Wallace stable on the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

Among other things, Wallace received a lot of support from his fellow drivers, and Nascar stressed that there was no place for racism in its races.

- We are angry and shocked, and we cannot stress enough the seriousness of this horrific act. We will do everything we can to get the person or people responsible for the act out of motorsport, Nascar reported.

However, the FBI, which investigated the incident, found no evidence of an alleged racist crime and no one was prosecuted. According to the FBI, the tow rope on the garage door, which resembled a hanging loop, had been in the garage since last fall, according to video material.

Trump’s tweet comments recall that Wallace himself did not report the rope that caused the uproar.

Noise arose from this rope.

Photo: Handout / Reuters

Wallace has spoken of racism after a Minnesota man named George Floyd suffocated to death after police pressed his leg to his neck on May 25th. Floyd’s death has led to massive demonstrations around the world.

Wallace was also a strong influencer when Nascar decided in early June to ban the U.S. Southern flag from the Games. The “ticket decision” of Trump’s recent tweet refers to this case.

This flag has been widely used in motorsport competitions, especially in the South. For many, however, the flag symbolizes slavery and racism.

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Bubba Wallace is the only dark-skinned active driver in the Nascar series.

Photo: Chris Graythen / AFP / Magazine photo