In early May, Mike Tyson, 53, shocked the boxing world.

In a video released on Instagram, Tyson forges stroke sets for his age with astonishing speed and intensity. At the end of the short video, the legend who raised the gray beard guts a short and concise message with the camera.

- I'm back!

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Tyson’s threat of a return to the boxing ring in the form of show matches has spawned a huge media boom. Potential opponents of the former champion have been widely speculated, and Tyson’s apparently diamond-hard physical condition has aroused astonishment and admiration.

Tyson belongs to the category of athletes who, after the peak years of their sports careers, have become some kind of caricature of themselves.

The boxer's soft, laborious and cumbersome speech style and rigid, at the same time both sympathetic and threatening nature, combined with the vortex of turmoil that has continued throughout life, have made Rauta-Mike an easy target for humor and satire.

As with many other media laughter subjects, in Tyson’s case, humor is actually far removed from a man’s coldly barren life story.

Born in New York in 1966, Tyson had a tough childhood. Growing up on the hard streets of Brooklyn, the boy told The Undisputed Truth in his biography that by the age of 13, he had been arrested 38 times.

- If I hadn't been sent to the boys' house, where it was noticed that I was wearing fists, I would probably have died. Maybe it wouldn’t really have been a very bad thing, Tyson pondered his gloomy style in an interview with The Hamilton Spectator in 2014.

However, boxing saved Tyson and gave this direction to life - at least for a moment. The 19-year-old physics miracle won his first 28 professional matches in a year and a half - 26 of them by knockout.

In November 1986, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history, and a year later he was the first boxer to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC and IBF championship belts.

Tyson seemed to be on his way to becoming one of the greatest champions of boxing, but as the decade turned, the instability of his personal life began to put the sticks in the man’s stroller in earnest.

Tyson quarreled with his first wife, Robin Givens, in February 1989. Even before his resignation, Givens described his marriage to Tyson as a “torture and pure hell” in a ABC TV interview — with Tyson himself sitting quietly next to him.

The problems of the unstable inner bag also began to show up inside the perimeter when clear underdog James Douglas knocked out Tyson in February 1990. The reputation of the almost unbeaten champion was dealt a huge blow.

The following year, Tyson's public image finally collapsed. In July 1991, Tyson was arrested on charges of raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington. He received a six-year prison sentence in early 1992, of which he eventually sat in just under three at the Indiana Youth Center.

Tyson was released from a prison sentence he suffered at the Indiana Youth Center in March 1995.

Photo: Stringer.

After his release, Tyson began to tune back to the top of the heavyweight series, but scandals followed the man into the ring as well.

In June 1997, Tyson played in perhaps the most infamous title match in boxing history. The story of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield’s ear is part of the canon of sports history - a commotion that even the occasional boxing follower knows.

Still, footage of Tyson brutally sniffing a piece from his opponent’s right ear is still startling to this day. The absurdity of the situation is shown by the fact that the referee of the match, Mills Lane, allowed the lot to continue to the end, apparently paralyzed - even when Tyson also looked at Holyfield's second ear a moment later.

The famous bite.

Photo: Steve Marcus / REUTERS

As a result of his actions, Tyson was fined $ 3 million and lost his boxing license for more than a year. A year and a half later, he was again on his way to jail, sentenced to a year behind bars for beating two motorists in the aftermath of a crash.

Tyson returned to the ring once more, but the loss to Lennox Lewis in the heavyweight title match in 2002 was the man’s last big match. He ended his professional career in 2005.

A tired veteran in 2005. Kevin McBride ended Mike Tyson’s career with a technical knockout.

Photo: Gary Hershorn / REUTERS

Outside the perimeter, the downward spiral continued. Although Tyson’s earnings from his career broke the $ 300 million milestone, he went bankrupt in 2003. Tyson, accustomed to a hilarious life, was reported to have accumulated debt of up to $ 23 million.

- I behaved crazy with money, Tyson admitted in 2017, according to ESPN.

He said he squandered his giant fortunes on mansions, prostitutes, jewelery and cars.

Due to his money problems, Tyson had to sell, among other things, his huge 52-room mansion, the new owner of which was found to be a rapper 50 Cent for just over three million pounds.

The stages of Tyson’s life in the years following the end of his career were sad to follow. Problems with drugs, mental health, and violence repeatedly drove the man into distress, and in 2009 Tysonia faced a great personal tragedy.

Her 4-year-old daughter Desiree died after strangling her family home with a treadmill power cable.

Even in the midst of adversity, Tyson has remained afloat in sports and culture. He hasn’t dodged his reputation as perhaps the biggest lunatic in the crazy world of boxing, but has taken full advantage of it.

Unpredictable but invariably entertaining, Tyson has, among other things, starred in the hit movie series Hangover and performed his own one-man show on Broadway.

Back in 2013, Tyson admitted to being at the gates of death for his out-of-control alcoholism, but in recent years, Kohut has been less frequent.

Now the man, who weighed a maximum of 170 pounds, is once again in relentless stitching and said he recently weighed only 104 pounds - the same as in his peak years.

“I feel better than ever in my life,” Tyson told Young Money radio in May.

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For Mike Tyson, nothing is certain, but perhaps the best known of the bad boys in boxing has finally got his life in balance.