The fire departments have their hands full with three major fires in the country from Saturday to Sunday. A lot of smoke is released from the fires that raged in Deventer, Zandvoort and Sliedrecht. A separate GRIP-1 situation has been declared in all three locations, meaning that emergency services must cooperate due to the scale of the incident.

The safety regions warn local residents via Twitter about the fires to keep windows and doors closed and to switch off mechanical ventilation.

In Deventer, a big fire rages in the night from Saturday to Sunday at a metal recycling company on Danzigweg. The fire caused large clouds of smoke, causing local residents to receive an NL Alert.

The fire broke out at 4 a.m. and was scaled up to a GRIP-1 situation not much later.

En alert works .. !! The alarm on my phone suddenly went off. 😱. At about 2km distance, a fire was reported on the Danzigweg in #Deventer Sunday night. #EnAlert #window doors closed

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According to RTV Oost , the emergency services came to a report of a burglary at the company. The flames burst out of the roof on the spot.

Lots of smoke nuisance on boulevard near Zandvoort

The fire in Zandvoort broke out just before half past three in a beach tent. Because the fire broke out, this fire was also scaled up to GRIP-1.

The smoke mainly causes nuisance to the boulevard, reports Kennemerland Safety Region. The smoke is also smelled in the village itself.


There is currently a lot of wind. The fire is difficult to fight. #Zandvoort

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Large fire also broke out in Sliedrecht warehouse

Just before five o'clock a fire broke out in a shed at Calandstraat in Sliedrecht, South Holland. The resulting fire is fought with a lot of material, let the fire brigade know via Twitter.

A lot of smoke is released, which passes over a number of residential houses, according to the Safety Region.