According to the World Health Organization, the number of reported new corona infections within 24 hours has climbed to a new record of 212,326 cases. This emerges from the WHO situation report on the corona pandemic on Saturday.

Most new infections within 24 hours were reported in North and South America (129,772). The United States alone accounted for more than 53,000 cases and Brazil for more than 48,000.

So far, the WHO estimates that there are 10.9 million coronavirus infections worldwide and 523,011 deaths from Covid-19 diseases. In absolute numbers, the United States (2,724,433), Brazil (1,496,858) and Russia (674,515) recently recorded the most infections overall. Great Britain currently has the most infections among European countries with 284 280 cases.

Because of the different counting methods and delays, the WHO numbers always differ somewhat from the numbers at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. The WHO has repeatedly insisted that the pandemic has lost none of its dynamism.

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