Angry farmers blocked the A2 at Liempde in Noord-Brabant for a few hours on Friday evening. According to Omroep Brabant , some seventy tractors stopped traffic to Den Bosch. Actions were also held in Deventer, Groningen and the Drentse Beilen on Friday evening.

The ANWB reported around 8.45 p.m. that road users should take into account a delay of around 20 minutes. Traffic was diverted from Batadorp junction, according to Rijkswaterstaat. The traffic jam was resolved at 11 p.m.

The # A2 from Eindhoven to Den Bosch is close between Best and Boxtel because of protesting farmers. Detour from Eindhoven on the # A58 and # A65

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The blockade was one of several farmers' actions Thursday and Friday. For example, a small group of dozens of farmers demonstrated on the Malieveld on Friday and farmers reported animal cruelty to Schouten to various police stations. Several dozen farmers in tractors also blocked two spots on the A1 near Deventer for several hours. On Friday evening, a large procession of tractors passed through the city center of Groningen, under loud honking.

A distribution center of a supermarket chain in Beilen, Drenthe, was occupied for a short time by a group of farmers. The group had blocked the distribution center with tractors and other vehicles. The blockade was over just after 1 am. The police report that they have made one arrest. The farmer, who was arrested for drink-driving, was taken to the police station.

On Thursday evening dozens of farmers with agricultural vehicles turned up in The Hague and Groningen. In The Hague, the Ministry of Defense had to deliver the inner city with trucks. In Groningen, tractors drove into the city and would have caused damage to the runway of Groningen Airport Eelde.


Farmers block the A2 at Liempde. Dozens of tractors drive slowly on the highway towards Den Bosch. @broadcasting Brabant

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Dozens of farmers blocked A1 with tractors

Farmers protest against minister Schouten's plan

The blockades are actions organized by small groups of farmers themselves, says Ronne Smolders of Agractie in conversation with Farmers will demonstrate on Friday in various places in the country against a plan by Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) to reduce nitrogen precipitation in the Netherlands.

Schouten wants to prohibit the addition of extra protein to animal feed. Farmers are against the plan because they believe it is bad for the health of the animals.