A group of farmers blocks a Jumbo distribution center in Veghel in Brabant on Saturday evening. They stand with dozens of tractors on and off the premises of the supermarket chain.

With this action, the farmers express their dissatisfaction with Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality). It wants to prohibit the addition of protein in animal feed in order to reduce nitrogen emissions.

Since Thursday evening, farmers in relatively small groups in various places in the country have been protesting against Schouten's decision, including on the Binnenhof, Malieveld, A1 and A2. A similar demonstration took place earlier today at the Albert Heijn distribution center in Zwolle.

The East Brabant police say that the atmosphere in Veghel is "good". Although the protesters do not keep sufficient distance everywhere, the action is peaceful. The demonstration, which was not announced, is therefore not canceled prematurely.

Peasant protests also take place in other places in the country on Saturday evening. According to NH Nieuws, for example, at least 40 farmers are driving on tractors from Edam to Amsterdam. They want to protest in Amsterdam, but it is not clear whether they can actually do that. According to the regional broadcaster, they are accompanied by police officers.


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