Various groups of farmers take action on Saturday evening against the decision of Carola Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) to prohibit the addition of protein in animal feed. In this way, Schouten wants to reduce nitrogen emissions, but the farmers disagree.

Dozens of tractors are currently driving through Amsterdam. It has been agreed with the police that they can make a round, but not drive on the canals. Agents guide them so that the action runs smoothly.

A number of farmers have also gathered on the A28 at the Hoogeveen junction. They block the road with their agricultural vehicles. Police officers on the spot are going to talk to the farmers, a police spokesperson said.

Farmers also drive their tractors on various roads in Friesland and Groningen, but it does not seem to be blockades.


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Blockade at distribution center in Veghel

A group of farmers is blocking a Jumbo distribution center in Veghel in Brabant. They stand with dozens of tractors on and off the premises of the supermarket chain. The business park is closed to other traffic.

The police say that the atmosphere in Veghel is "good". Although the protesters do not keep sufficient distance everywhere, the action is peaceful. The demonstration, which was not announced, is therefore not canceled prematurely.

Since Thursday evening, farmers in relatively small groups in various places in the country have been protesting against Schouten's decision, including on the Binnenhof, Malieveld, A1 and A2. A similar demonstration took place earlier today at the Albert Heijn distribution center in Zwolle.