The recent divorce of author Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, among others, has revealed new, messy twists and turns, according to The Times, among others. Mr and Mrs Brown's ex-wife, Blythe Brown, has sued her ex-husband.

In a subpoena filed in Rockingham Supreme Court on Monday, Blythe Brown says her ex-husband has lied to her for years. According to Blythe, the favorite writer blackmailed his wife for years with common funds with which he bought expensive gifts for his Dutch mistress. According to Blythe, Brown had extramarital relationships with at least four different women over the years.

- The challenge is to defend and value myself. I've been trying for a long time been trying to assimilate this shocking truth that Dan led a double life our marriage, Blythe told The Boston Globelle, which was first told the Journal the challenge.

- I trusted this man for decades and thought he was the love of my life. Now is the time to expose his deception. After all this pain, it’s time to tell the truth, Blythe opened up.

According to the ex-wife, the favorite author blacked out common funds from his wife for years, with which he bought expensive gifts for his Dutch mistress.

In her lawsuit, Blythe says she noticed changes in her ex-husband’s behavior for the first time in 2014. She says Brown seemed distant, stressed and contentious at the time. Four years later, the author said he wanted a divorce, but hoped the couple would remain good friends. Blythe Brown moved out of the couple’s shared home in New Hampshire in August 2018.

Blythe and Dan Brown were married in 1997 and they officially divorced in December 2019. The couple had no children.