The world-wide term kalsar kännit gave birth to a beer of the same name in Australia. On Thursday, the Two Birds brewery in Melbourne, Australia, announced two new cells with Kalsarikännit in Finnish cans.

The background of the name is currently due to a corona pandemic, revealed by the brewery to IS.

- We first heard about the kalsar turn when the other owner of the brewery, Jayne, read about it during the home isolation during the coronavirus. It bumped because we always liked going out and now couldn’t even go to the bar!

Two Birds is Australia’s first fully female-owned brewery. The company of Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen started in Spotswood, Melbourne in 2011 and has a selection of five beer brands. Pants are among the changing special cells.

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According to the brewery, Australians and Finns are united by the sipping of good drinks.

- Admittedly, we prefer to do it with football shorts on our feet rather than long pants, haha! Melbourne was told.

The cans read Kalsarikännit in Finnish.

Photo: Two Birds Brewing

The pods are the brewery's winter season beers. One is a dark stout flavored with vanilla and cocoa and the other is a tropical fruity hazy pale. Australia is currently in midsummer and in Melbourne on Friday the meter showed only 6 degrees Celsius.

According to the brewery, Australians traditionally like stouts in the winter.

- We think stout is well suited for evening pods and hazy pale is a great pod drink during the day, characterizes the brewery's products.

"> Both beers went on sale at the brewery on Friday and have been tasted by customers, the brewery says.

The brewery is happy to sell Kalsarikännit beer to Finland as well, but it reminds us of the small production batch in question, so it remains to be seen whether it will move to the other side of the globe.