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RIVM: More than half of all Dutch people find measures illogical
The fourth behavioral study by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) shows that six out of ten Dutch people find the cabinet's imposed corona measures illogical, or do not understand why they are some situations do and other moments do not apply. 53 percent of them say they still follow the rules, while four in ten Dutch people get confused.

The survey found that more than four in ten Dutch people recently came to a place where they could not keep their distance, and more than a quarter of them turned around. Nine out of ten Dutch people want to avoid the crowds, but 15 percent of them say this is very difficult to find.

Finally, the Dutch feel less and less lonely. In April, seven out of ten Dutch people were affected, which is currently about five out of ten, according to the RIVM.

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Why more corona fires are emerging
In the Netherlands and various other (neighboring) countries, relatively large clusters of corona infections have been observed at various locations in recent weeks after easing had been implemented. In consultation with, the GGD director Sjaak de Gouw explains that the corona fires are part of the course of the corona crisis and there is no reason to panic.

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England will relax quarantine measures for tourists.
England will publish a list later today of fifty countries whose residents will no longer be quarantined upon arrival in the UK, Transport Minister Grant Shapps said on Friday. The minister says in conversation with Sky News  that the list can still be scaled up to sixty countries.

Currently, tourists have to be quarantined for another two weeks on arrival. English tourists are currently still banned by many European countries, due to the relatively precarious situation of the country's corona crisis.

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'Do not introduce an emergency law for tracking people by telephone'
The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) warns that the privacy of every Dutch person with a telephone will be endangered if a proposed legislative amendment to share telecom data is adopted. That confirms AP president Aleid Wolfsen to after notification by the NOS.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) wants telecom providers to share temporarily anonymized telecom data in the fight against the corona virus. The AP advises the government not to adopt and introduce the law in its current form.

RIVM wants to use telecom data to track the movement flows of citizens between different municipalities. On the basis of this, RIVM wants to gain insight into how the coronavirus spreads.

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Argentinians turned a football field into a place where live table football can be played on Wednesday. Due to the corona virus, a lockdown has been in place in the country for months. As a result, professional football has also come to a halt.

Argentinians play foosball live because of corona

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"New corona wave in US painful due to premature easing"
When will you get a country going again when you're still in the midst of an epidemic? It was and remains the question for America. On the other side of the ocean, they deal with records of corona infections every day.

America is once again plagued by a record-breaking corona wave. How does the country and its president react to this? We ask that in our podcast This is the news to foreign editor Matthijs le Loux. Listen to the podcast here ( click ).

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New corona infection at mink farm in Landhorst
The corona virus has surfaced at a mink company in Landhorst in Brabant, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport reports Friday morning. 

"The contamination has come to light after a report of phenomena in mink, based on the reporting obligation. The company is cleared as soon as possible," said the ministry.

The mink farm is the eighteenth farm where a corona infection has been diagnosed. The animals were also culled on all seventeen other mink farms.

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Already 500 million euros less spent on holidays
In the first three months of this year, Dutch consumers spent 2.8 billion euros on holidays. That is 15 percent (500 million euros) less than in the same period a year earlier, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports today.

The decrease is entirely due to the decrease in the number of holidays in the month of March. In this month, holiday spending halved to 600 million euros, compared to 1.2 billion euros in March 2019, according to Statistics Netherlands.

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Fairground operators block access to Mediapark
Angry fairground operators blocked the entrance to the Mediapark in Hilversum with dozens of vehicles on Friday morning. Activists say on Radio 1 that they do not agree with the current regulations regarding the corona virus. 

With the blockade, the fairground operators want to draw attention to two things. Firstly, permits to run fair must be made possible. In addition, they want compensation for the missed income.

Access to the Mediapark in Hilversum was blocked this morning by angry fairground operators. They want to go back to work, but that would be stopped by mayors.

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More than nine thousand deaths in Germany
The death toll in Germany passed the nine thousand on Friday after another nine people died from the effects of the virus. According to the most recent figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 9,003 deaths are now known.

The number of confirmed infections in Germany increased by 446 to 195,674.

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'Doctors concerned about decrease in referrals for cancer patients'
In De Telegraaf , doctors at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital expressed their concerns about the sharp decrease in referrals from cancer patients on Thursday. All cancer specialties experienced an average decline of more than 30 percent in May. The decrease was particularly high for skin cancer: 49 percent fewer referrals were recorded in May than a year earlier.

"People are apparently still scared about going to the doctor because of corona. But it's really safe to go now!" Hospital intern-oncologist Emile Voest told the newspaper.

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A health worker carries out decontamination work in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo: Pro Shots )

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Upward trend in infections in 37 US states
In 37 of the 50 states of the United States, an upward trend in the number of infections was observed on Thursday. In addition, a record increase was observed in more than nine states: Florida noted as many as ten thousand new coronavirus infections.

According to a tour of Reuters , more than 55,000 new infections were reported on Thursday. Top virologist Anthony Fauci warned earlier this week of a resurgence of the virus in the US. If the inhabitants do not adhere to the corona measures, the number of new daily infections can rise to 100,000 according to Fauci.

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Record number of new infections in Mexico
The Mexican health services registered 6,741 new infections with the corona virus on Thursday, a new daily record since the virus entered the country. In total, 238,511 people in the country are now infected with the virus.

Another 679 people died from the effects of corona. The death toll in Mexico is now 29,189.

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Nearly 62,000
corona deaths in Brazil The number of people who died from the effects of the corona virus in Brazil rose by 1,252 on Thursday to 61,884. In addition, 48,105 new infections were reported, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 1,496,858.

The outbreak in Brazil is the second worst outbreak of the virus. Only the United States recorded more infections.

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The most important corona news of Thursday 2 July in the


  • The number of corona patients in intensive care has dropped by 3 to 25, according to the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). 
  • From Monday 6 July at 9.00 am employers can apply to the UWV for the second batch of the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW 2.0) . As with the first batch, UWV expects thousands of applications per day. The bridging scheme is intended to limit the loss of turnover of employers so that employment is preserved as much as possible.
  • Since mid-March, the government has spent almost 1.5 billion euros on things such as mouth masks, protective clothing and respiratory equipment. In addition, EUR 1 billion is reserved for corona vaccines and tests
  • The  corona dashboard,  which contains various indicators that together provide a picture of the epidemic, has been further supplemented. It is now possible to read weekly how many people are approximately contagious. The results of the sewage water measurements have also been added and the platform has been expanded with signals from general practitioners about possible infections. 

  • The  UK  wants to ease quarantine measures for incoming travelers from a number of countries. More information on this will be announced tomorrow.
  • According to the Mexican government , the number of corona deaths in the country has increased by 741, bringing the total number of corona deaths in the country to 28,510, more than in Spain, where 28,363 corona deaths have been reported.
  • Residents of eighteen California administrative areas , including the city of Los Angeles, can no longer go to cafes, restaurants, museums, and movie theaters. The governor of the state has decided to reverse some of the previously announced relaxations of the corona measures, after the contagion in the area increased again. Nearly 6,000 new infections were reported in the past 24 hours. 

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