"You should cover the scale reading so that it doesn't rise terribly anymore when the BMI is significantly overweight."

"You're a little overweight today, according to BMI."

"This BMI shows a slight overweight, do you use fatty milk?"

When 24-year-old Emmi Koivula recalls the comments she heard at the school's health check-ups, both annoyance and irritation come to mind.

- I've had body mass index and weight became associated with comments of every school in the health check, health check up at the University a few years ago.

Emmi responded directly to the university nurse, saying she weighed all her food and exercised regularly, but even so, the nurse thought the young woman should pay better attention to her weight.

- Afterwards, it also became angry, why should I say, as you can see, that there is nothing extra in me? Why just stare at the body mass index?

Sports strongly present in life

Emmi, who lives in Southwest Finland, is 171.5 cents tall and weighs 81.5 kilos. In the body mass index, it means a slight overweight and a reading of 27.70. In order for Emmi to be of normal weight according to her weight index, she would have to lose about eight pounds of her weight.

When looking at pictures of Emmi, who trains almost daily, the idea of ​​being overweight is hard to grasp.

Muscular Emmi knows for herself that she doesn’t have to lose her weight.

- I've been up close to really athletic and practiced volleyball for 17 years, had a terrible day workout five times a week.

- Already smaller I was bigger than other children. I lived in a smaller locality where I was different from others. When I moved to a bigger place, I am no longer separated, Emmi continues.

“Today I accept myself as I am”

Currently, Emmi is preparing to compete in the autumn wellness fitness competitions, so the gym is strongly present in her daily life.

- My weight varies depending on the mass season or tightening season. There is currently a tightening season going on, so the scale should be followed.

Although Emmi is following her weight because of her hobby, she does not feel pressured by her weight or appearance.

- The relationship with myself has varied and comments from health check-ups made me wonder in the past whether I am overweight, but today I still accept myself as I am.

The prospective teacher wants to raise the issue

Emmi is studying education at university and she wants to bring up the body mass index, because as a future teacher she is worried about the appearance pressures of young people.

- Maybe the body mass index is suitable for someone who doesn't play sports, but when it comes to athletes - and especially young people - I don't think it's a good indicator. The attitude of young people towards the body mass index scares me, as they may easily develop eating disorders.

Emmi sincerely hopes that no young person will have to hear comments in vain about the same weight as she has heard at a younger age.

- I've been wondering how in today's world can be such a measure. The numbers say little to nothing. I would like to raise this point, because not everyone can deal with their body mass index. It is also good to recall that words that comment on the weight of others may remain in the mind of another for echoes even for years.

Experts also criticized

Over the years, experts have also questioned the reliability of the weight index.

For example, Professor Aila Rissanen, a specialist in internal medicine and clinical nutrition, criticized the body mass index in an interview with Ilta-Sanomat last year.

According to Rissanen, the body mass index is a very poor measure, especially for curvy and muscular people.

- Oh God! I am pleased to say that the body mass index explains very little.

However, the weight index can be better used when the weight index reading rises above thirty.

- Between 25 and 30, it may be more important to look at your own waist and waist-to-hip ratio.

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