Handyman Josef B. remains stuck in the Ruinerwold case, the court in Assen decided on Friday. Research into the man's psyche can also continue.

B. has recently been admitted to the Pieter Baan Center (PBC), but refuses to cooperate. "I said four words," the handyman said during a session on Thursday. "Yes, no, good morning and good afternoon. But that was accidental."

The handyman would be examined together with fellow suspect Gerrit Jan van D., the father of the children. For example, the researchers wanted to look at their interaction. However, due to Van D.'s condition, he could not be included in the PBC. He has had a cerebral hemorrhage and can barely communicate as a result.

B.'s lawyer, Yehudi Moszkowicz, denounced at the hearing that his client is still detained when it is not yet clear what exactly happened in the farm. In addition, as a result of his inclusion in the PBC, the man cannot defend himself in a dispute with the municipality. Moszkowicz therefore wanted the detention of B. to be suspended.

B. and the children's father are being prosecuted for deprivation of liberty. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) believes that the children did not feel free to leave and were locked up for nine years without contact with the outside world. In addition, according to the Public Prosecution Service, Van D. has sexually abused two of his children.


'Children did not feel free to leave the Ruinerworld farm'

"Barely had contact with children"

The handyman from Austria has stated that he barely had any contact with the six children in the farm. He would have spoken to only two of them, and only when they were adults. "So how could I have held them? I don't get a shit."

According to the handyman, the isolation of Van D. and his children has a spiritual reason and is said to be temporary. The father would "solve the situation for the children," he said Thursday.

Van D. and the six youngest of a total of nine children moved to the farm in Ruinerwold in Drenthe in 2010. They were discovered in October 2019 when one of the children raised the alarm in a cafe. The children's mother died in 2004.