British Prince Andrew’s lawyers on Friday rejected allegations that the prince would not be willing to cooperate in a sex scandal involving the late businessman Jeffrey Epstein. Lawyers say the U.S. Department of Justice has not responded to their contacts.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the dispute, stating that the American authorities had not contacted the British government to ask for help in arranging a hearing for the prince.

“This is a matter for the royal family,” Johnson told radio station LBC.

Queen Elizabeth’s second eldest son has definitely denied that she had sex with a 17-year-old girl that Epstein acquired for her. However, pictures of the prince have been found in which he hugs the girl at the waist. At the end of last year, Jupakka forced the prince to resign from all his royal duties after he had embarrassed himself by explaining his actions in a TV interview.

An attorney representing the victims of Epstein told the TV channel ITV that Andrew is evading and avoiding U.S. authorities and the investigation.

- He should tell the truth without delay, victims have a right to know it, said lawyer Gloria Allred.

Maxwell is suspected of recruiting young girls

The Epstein jupak rose to headlines again after several charges of sexual abuse of minors were filed against British club celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell in the United States, CNN news agency reported. Maxwell, 58, is a suspect in a criminal investigation into Epstein.

Maxwell was arrested by the U.S. Central Criminal Police FBI on Thursday in New Hampshire. The charges brought against Maxwell by federal prosecutors relate, for example, to suspected solicitation and sexual exploitation of underage girls in 1994-1997.

Maxwell is due to appear in court later in New York. Prosecutors have requested that he be detained pending trial.

According to CNN, Maxwell can face up to 35 years in prison.

Among other things, Maxwell is suspected of getting to know underage girls, luring them into Epstein, and persuading them to rub Epstein naked.

- Maxwell helped, enabled and promoted the exploitation of minors by Jeffrey Epstein. Among other things, he helped Epstein recruit, attract, and ultimately exploit victims they both knew were under the age of 18, the indictment quoted by CNN says.

According to the letter, Maxwell would have been present and involved in exploitation situations in some situations.

Maxwell has previously denied involvement in Epstein's suspected crimes. He has also said he was completely unaware of them.

In the U.S., prosecutors are also currently investigating whether Epstein had other potential accomplices.

The youngest victims were suspected to be 14 years old

Epstein died in his prison in New York last August while he waited for the trial to begin. The death of 66-year-old Epstein is considered suicide.

Epstein was accused of paying for sex to dozens of underage girls between 2002 and 2005. The youngest victims are suspected to be 14 years old. He himself denied his guilt. Epstein had previously been convicted of sexual offenses.

Maxwell, on the other hand, is known, among others, as the daughter of media emperor Robert Maxwell and as Epstein's former girlfriend. He has been publicly accused of involvement in persuading a minor to have sex with Prince Andrew in 2001.