The police recently found seven sea containers in Wouwse Plantage in Brabant that were used by criminals as torture chambers, the NRC reports on Friday. They are said to have been found thanks to the hack of the encrypted communication service EncroChat.

The NRC writes that handcuffs were attached to the ceiling in the containers. Also, according to the newspaper, a chair was screwed on. Finger and handcuffs and shears were allegedly found in the containers.

The torture chambers are said to have been found in an investigation into organized crime. The hack of EncroChat, which was announced to the world on Thursday, allowed police and justice to read the messages that criminals sent to each other via the program for weeks on end.

Of the more than twenty million intercepted reports, several concerned the torture chambers in Wouwse Plantage, which the suspects also called their "personal ECI". The criminal investigation department thinks that criminals used the containers to detain and torture their rivals, the NRC writes .

Andy Kraag, head of the National Criminal Investigation Department, said on Thursday that dozens of crimes could be prevented by EncroChat hack. He talked about liquidations and "shocking torture".


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