Miss Helsinki 2014 Isabel Ljungdell shared with her Instagram followers an exceptional series of videos in which she lies crying in bed. He says he is currently alone in Iceland.

Ljungdell was supposed to meet his American boyfriend in the country, but the couple was prevented from seeing him again when Garek’s beloved flight to Iceland was unexpectedly canceled.

“I was supposed to meet my boyfriend in Iceland, who seemed to be the only possible meeting place in this world situation,” says Ljungdell.

- His flight was canceled and he is no longer allowed to travel here. Now I am alone in Iceland. And I don't know when we'll see each other next time ...

Iceland was a moment ago a few countries to which citizens of all countries were allowed to travel despite the virus, but the state closed its borders to Americans just before the couple’s vacation began.

The Miss Beauty burst into tears in her Instagram story.

Photo: Instagram

The remote couple has not been able to meet each other for three months due to the coronavirus situation. Ljungdell says the time that has passed has been exceptionally tough for him.

- I've been very sad for the past three months, when I have had to be separated from the boyfriend. I have kept that to myself mourning entirely. Now came the opportunity to be seen in Iceland and that joy was taken away.

- I have also downplayed my own grief, always comparing my own sorrows to the real problems of others. I want to remind you others who are going through difficult times that that own grief is always the biggest grief. And it's ok to die.

- I want to be honest, so that people do not get the image that life is just happiness. For the last three months I've probably every other night crying because of this status quo, Ljungdell reveal.

The obsessed Ljungdell has shared a wealth of pictures of his American sweetheart Garek with his 47,000 Instagram followers. The couple has met a dating app in Tinder.

Isabel Ljungdell became acquainted with the Miss Helsinki competition.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Ljungdell was crowned Miss Helsinki winner in 2014. She has since been seen in the reality TV series Martina and the Lifeguards, for example. She has also competed in the Miss Bikini competition.