The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution that temporarily calls for a global interruption of hostilities due to the coronavirus pandemic. The resolution brought in by France and Tunisia was adopted unanimously by diplomats. The only exception to the ceasefire is said to be military operations against jihadists.

A month-long dispute between the United States and China had previously led to a blockade that German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called a testimony to poverty in view of the global threat posed by the new corona virus. A dispute between China and the United States was the naming of the World Health Organization (WHO). US President Donald Trump accuses the organization of acting in China's favor and does not want to see it mentioned in the text - the Chinese government, however, insisted until the very end.

The WHO is not directly mentioned in the new draft. Instead, only "all relevant parts of the UN system" are mentioned and a resolution of the General Assembly mentioned by the WHO is referred to. The controversy of the most powerful UN body in the face of the greatest health threat of the present has been described as "disgrace" by the council members in the past weeks, the discussion about the word "WHO" as "crazy".

Germany runs Security Council for one month

Foreign Minister Maas will host a Security Council meeting on Corona on Thursday. Germany chairs the body for a month from July 1. UN Secretary-General António Guterres had already called for a global ceasefire in March so that all countries can concentrate on fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Even with the new resolution, however, it is uncertain what impact this will have on conflicts around the world.