Although not a single race has been run in the F1 season yet, big news has already been heard from the formula world.

German Sebastian Vettel will not continue on Ferrari after this season. The matter was confirmed in May when the Italian stable announced the driver would not resume its service after this season.

Vettel, 32, is a four-time world champion. He won the championships at the Red Bull stable in consecutive seasons from 2010 to 2014. Ferrari Vettel has been driving since the 2015 season.

Now, for the reasons for Vettel's departure, Helmut Marko, the well-known formula boss of Red Bull, has opened his verbal coffin.

Marko, 77, known for his outspokenness, already worked for Red Bull during the Vettel championships: he knows the German driver perfectly.

Vettel (right) won the World Cup at Red Bull four times in a row. Also pictured is team manager Christian Horner (left) and advisor Marko. Photo from the 2014 Japanese race.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma / MVPhotos

Marko sees the first reason for the separation of the Vettel and Ferrari roads being that Vettel has lost faith in the team's competitiveness.

- I feel like Sebastian doesn't have a car this season to compete for the championship. I hope that I am wrong. For the more adventurous, it is definitely good if several teams compete for the title, Marko said in an interview with the German Sport1 site.

- The separation of the Vettel and Ferrari roads could have been imagined months ago. I think somehow Vettel has lost faith in Ferrari, Marko claims.

The second reason Marko cites Ferrari’s desire to elevate the younger generation star Charles Leclerc, 22, to a clear number one driver position in the stable.

- A lot of politics is done around Leclerc - and Vettel doesn't like it. He just wants to drive and win. And not waste your energy on unnecessary politicking. I hope Ferrari gives Vettel a chance to prove his skills in his final season, Marko bundles.

Charles Leclerc (left) finished fourth in the World Series last season, Vettel fifth.

Photo: Alessio Morgese / IPA / Zuma / MVPhotos

The veteran advisor does not believe that Vettel could move to Mercedes for the 2021 season as Lewis Hamilton’s teammate.

Marko assumes that Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff does not want to bring a duel between six-time champion Hamilton and four-time champion Vettel to his team.

Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas will drive at least this season as Hamilton's teammate.

Marko did not rule out the option put forward by Sport1, in which Vettel would praise Red Bull's fear of speed in the 2021 season.

- We have contracts with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon - that is the situation at the moment. In F1, however, situations can always change. We’re wiser after this season - anytime it ends.

The Formula 1 season 2020 will finally start next weekend with the opening race in Spielberg, Austria.

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