In St. Louis, police are investigating a case where protesters passing through a private street encountered an armed couple. The cell phones recorded how the couple pointed out gunmen in front of their million home, ABC News says.

Authorities are investigating the events.

Photo: LAWRENCE BRYANT / Reuters

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon as hundreds of protesters walked down a private street, beating drums and demanding Mayor Lyda Krewson resign. Krewson had previously read aloud on Facebook-Live the names and addresses of the protesters who had petitioned him. The mayor later issued an apology.

Protesters are demanding the resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Photo: LAWRENCE BRYANT / Reuters

According to journalist Daniel Shular, who was present in St. Louis, about 500 protesters corrected through Portland Place, known as a private street, to bypass nearby roadblocks that blocked access to Krewson’s house.

- The door next to the gate leading to Portland Place was unlocked and protesters went through it to straighten through the neighborhood and go to Krewson's house, Shular told CNN.

The couple live in a mansion in whose yard they were as protesters walked past.

Photo: LAWRENCE BRYANT / Reuters

According to Shular, a man and woman who were later identified as Mark and Patricia McCloskey came out of the building with guns. Patricia McCloskey is seen in the videos pointing her handgun at the protesters.

The couple told police they heard loud noises from the street. As they went to find out the source of the votes, they noticed a large number of breaking an iron gate that read “no passage” and “private road,” the couple told police.

The woman was seen pointing several times at protesters with a gun.

Photo: LAWRENCE BRYANT / Reuters

According to the couple, they ordered the crowd to leave the private area, after which the crowd shouted outrage and threatened to harm the couple. The couple also claimed some of the protesters were armed.

The videos and pictures show that the protesters and the owners of the manor exchanged words. However, there is no certainty about what was said.

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The couple's lawyer told CNN that peaceful protesters were not a problem for McCloskey.

- On the contrary, they waited and supported the protesters' message. The violence, destruction of property and threatened with aggression perpetrated by a few people who moved peacefully among the protesters led to serious concern and fear.

According to Avery Risch, a protester present, the organizers of the protest had warned the armed couple of those who followed. Protesters were urged to move forward and not stay with the McCloskey couple.

Nor did Risch notice that the gate had been broken. However, the Facebook-Live described later shows how the right gate door is crooked and lying on the ground.

The prosecutor's office is also investigating the incidents.