U.S. President Donald Trump's official channel streaming service on Twitch has been temporarily shut down, according to the HuffPost news service, among others. The reason is the hate speech practiced on the channel.

Twitch is the world’s largest video game streaming service, but it is also used by many non-gamers. The daily users of the service are counted in tens of millions.

Amazon-owned Twitch said two recent Trump broadcasts violated service policies regarding hate speech. The first case concerned a retransmission from a 2015 speech in which Trump suggested that Mexican immigrants were criminals and rapists. The second violation concerned a recent election ceremony in which Trump spoke of an alleged intruder breaking into a home interpreted in a racist tone.

According to Twitch, the ban on the channel is temporary, but its duration was not specified. Channel DonaldTrump was still blocked at the time of writing this news. A spokesman for Trump’s election campaign urged Twitch users to now resort to the campaign’s official app - although it’s hard to recommend it to anyone in terms of security.

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More permissive than Twitch, Trump’s hate speech has been approached by Facebook, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had to explain several times recently. Facebook’s explanations aren’t for everyone, so many companies have started pulling their ads off Facebook.

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Trump supporters, in turn, got a cold ride on the popular Reddit chat service. Among other things, the Axios news service reports that Reddit has closed the r / The_Donald subreddit, a section that has been one of the service’s largest political communities and a key meeting place for Trump supporters.

The reason for the closure is hate speech. Reddit said it had done its best over the years to avoid having to close the subreddit, but petitions to clean up the content didn’t help.

Reddit introduced new rules to reduce hate speech and closed about 2,000 other sections in addition to the discussion section of Trump supporters, including the leftist r / ChapoTrapHouse, which the service also said was hate speech.