The coron scandal of tennis top stars got another new chapter yesterday when German Alexander Zverev celebrated in a video filmed by fashion mogul Philipp Plein amidst a large crowd in France.

Zverev, 23, was one of those players who was caught in the midst of a crown of coronary infections on a charity tour hosted by world-top player Novak Djokovic.

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Known as the bad boy of tennis, Australian Nick Kyrgios, 25, spared no words in commenting on Zverev’s behavior in his Instagram story on Monday.

- Every morning when I wake up, I see more controversial events around the world. One that stood out from the crowd, however, was Sascha Zverev.

- How selfish can you be? If you have the guts to put your team to write a bulletin for you, swearing to be isolated for 14 days and apologizing to people for endangering their health, then at least you have to stay isolated, Kyrgios spoke on video, apparently at the wheel of a car.

In a statement released last Monday, Zverev promised to stay in isolation as prescribed by his doctors, but on Sunday he celebrated in a wild atmosphere in southeastern France.

- Oh my God, spend a couple of weeks with your girlfriend. The world of tennis really infuriates me. How selfish are you all? Kyrgios closed his opening.

During his career, Kyrgios has attracted attention with his numerous controversial abductions. In 2019, he received the highest fines in ATP history after insulting referee Fergus Murphy through the match he played.

Four of the players who took part in the Adria Tour, including Djokovic, who organized the tour, have reported a positive coronavirus test result.

Tour tournaments did not comply with specific interest limits. In videos published on social media, the players present were also filmed at a crowded Belgrade nightclub celebrating, among other things.

The tennis ATP tour is set to continue on August 14 with the Citi Open in Washington.