The net fishing restrictions set for the protection of Saimaa ringed seals in Saimaa will end today.

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation calls on fishermen not to drop their nets even after the restrictions have ended. According to the federation, five cubes died in the nets last early July last year.

The association recalls that loose-mouthed cataracts are banned in key habitats year-round. Katiska's pharynx should not spread more than 15 centimeters.

According to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, the nets also cause the deaths of adult ringed seals in both summer and winter.

After a bad nesting winter, there are probably fewer cubs in Saimaa than in recent years, the association says in a press release. In addition, many cubes are suspected of starting their lives more fragile than usual.

The sick ring must be reported to Metsähallitus

Sick or injured ringed seals are usually seen by people moving in nature. The wild ringed seal should be viewed with binoculars, preferably from a distance of at least 100 meters, Metsähallitus says in a press release.

If the ring appears apathetic or appears injured, it can be approached cautiously after at least 15 minutes of observation. If the ringed seal does not respond to human proximity at a distance of 5 to 10 meters, something is probably wrong.

Metsähallitus reminds that the ringed seal must not be touched by hand or by any means. If, on the basis of monitoring, the ringed seal appears sick or injured, Metsähallitus must be notified by telephone. If possible, you can take a photo of Norpa.

You have to be even more careful with the cube resting on the ice. It is common for a Saimaa ringed seal to leave a cube on ice or shore for several hours. Do not go near the cube.

The Saimaa ringed seal is very endangered

The survival of ringed seals is threatened by fish traps, climate change, beach construction and other man-made disturbance of nesting. In addition, the small size and fragmentation of the ringed seal in Saimaa are a threat to the species' survival, says Metsähallitus.

According to Metsähallitus, the Saimaa ringed seal population decreased until the early 1980s. The size of the ringed seal population has gradually increased due to the conservation measures initiated at that time. In particular, the chances of the cubes surviving have improved.

Only the Saimaa ringed seal subspecies living in Saimaa is classified as highly endangered. The Saimaa ringed seal is estimated to have more than 400 individuals, says WWF.

The Saimaa ringed seal remained in isolation about 8,000 years ago, when the connection between Saimaa and the Baltic Sea was broken after the ice age with the rise of the land.