The night before Friday, NBA legend Vince Carter, 43, who announced the end of his career, will receive praise from the superstars of the sport.

As the NBA’s oldest active player - after an almost unimaginable 22 game seasons - the Canadian who hit the slippers on the pound has been the name of the rest of the week around the basketball world. In addition to all the NBA clubs, the acclaimed choir has been joined by an almost endless list of past and present superstars in the sport.

- Thank you for inspiring an entire country to believe, thank you for laying the foundation for basketball in Canada, thank you for letting us fly with you, thank you for lifelong memories, love Canada, Carter’s first career in his professional career Toronto Raptors spoke on the club’s official Twitter page.

Carter’s career got off to a flying start on the NBA Parquets, and he was immediately awarded the Newcomer of the Year award in the spring of 1999 for his debut season. In 2000, he took to his name the winning NBA prestigious donut competition in a style considered by many experts to be the finest ever.

Reputed as the world’s toughest donor, known as “Half Man, Half Amazing” and “Air Canada,” Carter managed to revamp his style of play as his career progressed to become even more diverse. The 43-year-old basketball veteran, who played the most NBA seasons in history, became the first player to play on the parquet floors in as many as four different decades.

“Thank you for taking us to heaven on the magic mat,” wrote Twitter NBA star Jamal Crawford.

Praising thanks to Twitter also include NBA legends Pau Gasol, Trae Young, Isaiah Thomas and Chris Bosh, among others.

The most unforgettable game situation hook in Vince Carter’s career was seen at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Carter donked over 218-centimeter French center Frederic Weis.

Photo: Gary Cameron / Reuters

The Canadian pier, who played 1541 NBA matches, finished his long career with an average of 16.7 points per match. During his career, in addition to the Toronto Raptors, Carter represented the New Jersey Nets, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Memphs Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, and most recently the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks didn’t make it to the playoffs in Orlando and Carter’s last professional match was the March 11 overtime loss against the New York Knicks. He was predicted to continue his career for another year as Corona messed up the farewell season, but it turned out otherwise. Carter announced he will finally put on his slippers for an NBA career on the pound.

Vince Carter once won Olympic gold and was selected for the All-Star game a total of eight times, but he never managed to win an NBA championship in his glorious career.