A young man drowned on a Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki on Friday night after 11 pm.

On-duty firefighter Markku Holopainen says that an unskilled man was wading on the beach with his three friends when he sank under the surface.

The swimmers present began to search for him without success. The man was eventually found by a rescue diver. The resuscitation no longer triggered the man's heart.

There were also police and first aid personnel and a boat from the maritime rescue service.

Firefighter Holopainen wants to give special thanks to the young people on the beach.

- When we arrived, the youth were already in the sea in swimsuits looking for a victim. It had over and under twenty people, Holopainen said.

- I have to give them praise. Few dare to go in search of the body, but they showed no hesitation of any kind.

Police are investigating what happened to find out the cause of death. According to police, there is no reason to suspect a crime.

A young man drowned on the beach of Hietaniemi also on Midsummer's Day.