Earlier this week, we put together delicious rhubarb recipes.

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As summer is the golden age of Finnish berries, and the main harvest season for strawberries is just around the corner, it is also worth using strawberries now for cooking and baking.

We put together wonderful strawberry instructions from the Canteen’s recipe archive. For example, try the world’s best strawberry cake or combine strawberries classically with either meringue or mascarpone. In addition to pies and cakes, strawberries are great for salads, smoothies and soups.

Now let's enjoy and properly!



4 proteins

2 ½ dl sugar

1 vanilla bean seeds

1 teaspoon vinegar

1 teaspoon cornstarch


200 g of cream cheese, softened with a drizzle of whipped cream

½ for icing sugar

1 dl whipped cream whipped, seasoned with vanilla sugar and lemon zest

½ l Fresh strawberries

mint leaves about 3 tbsp

cooking oil on baking paper

Preparation Instructions

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Whisk the proteins to a stiff foam together with the sugar. Gradually add the sugar to the foam as you mix it. When the foam is hard and forms sharp spikes, whisk together the vanilla seeds, vinegar and corn grits.

Spread baking paper on top of the baking sheet. Oil the baking paper well along the edges. Pour the protein foam onto the oiled paper and apply it with a arrow to a rectangular shape. Leave space on each edge as the protein foam spreads in the hot oven.

Bake the plate for about 5 minutes. At 200 degrees and lower the temperature to 150 degrees. Bake for about another 10 minutes.

The ovens are of different power, so make sure the meringue base doesn’t get too dry and burn from the surface. If it dries too much in the oven, it cannot be rolled. However, the surface may brown slightly.

Cool the disc. Remove the paper from the mari plate and lift the plate onto clean baking paper. Spread a softened cream cheese mixed with icing sugar on a chilled plate.

Whisk the whipped cream to a froth and season it. Cut the strawberries into slices. Spread strawberries and mint leaves on top of the cheese and whipped cream on top. Carefully roll the plate, leaving the seam pointing down. Serve immediately.

The best stuffing cake in the world

Baking a strawberry cake is a summer tradition.

4 eggs

2 dl sugar

2 dl wheat flour

butter and breadcrumbs for spreading the pan


2–2.5 dl of milk


about 1 l of fresh or frozen strawberries or about 3 dl of strawberry puree

2-3 bananas

3 dl whipped cream

2-3 tablespoons sugar

Garnish with strawberries, grated chocolate, candies or whatever you want

Preparation Instructions

Melt the strawberries and bring to the oven to warm to 200 degrees.

Beat eggs and sugar into a light foam. Add the wheat flour to the set.

Grease and crumble a flat-bottomed loose-bottomed pan. Bake the base for 20-25 minutes. You can try the maturity of the cake base with a toothpick. The cake is ripe when no dough sticks to the stick.

If you use whole strawberries, mash them smaller. Turn the bananas into their own bowl.

Allow the base to cool. Cut the cake with a sharp knife in three parts across. Place the lowest part on a serving dish and moisten with 1/3 of the milk. Spread the mashed bananas on top of the moistened base. Apply the next layer and moisten as above. Spread on top of strawberries.

Add the top layer of cake and moisten. If you do not serve the cake right away, put it in a cold cure and add the cream only before serving. Beat the cream and season with sugar. Spread the cream on top of the cake and Garnish as desired.



100 g of dark chocolate

200 g butter

2 dl white sugar

2.5 dl of dark sugar

3 eggs

3 dl wheat flour


600 g of unflavoured Philadelphia cream cheese

3 eggs

1 tbsp (approx. 395 g) condensed milk (canned)

2 teaspoons vanilla sugar

6 pieces of nectarines (peaches or other canned fruits are also suitable)

1 liter of strawberries

Preparation Instructions


Melt the butter and chocolate in a saucepan. Mix all the ingredients together and pour on a baking sheet on baking paper. NB! You can make the pie in a smaller pan, but the pie will then be taller and the baking time will be longer.


Mix all the ingredients except the nectarines and strawberries. Pour the mixture over the chocolate part. The mixture is loose, but don’t panic, it clots in the oven. Remove the stone from the nectarines and chop the flesh. Place nectarine pieces and chopped strawberries on top of the cheese layer. Let the fruit sink into the cheese.

Carefully move the damper to the oven, do not spill! Bake in a 175 degree oven for about 45-55 minutes. Allow to cool for several hours before serving. Best the next day.


1 liter of strawberries

a bunch of fresh mint or peppermint

6 dl vanilla ice cream

2 dl vanilla yogurt

Combine the ingredients in a blender and blend evenly. Pour into glasses.


2 l strawberries

½ throat

½ small red pepper

8 cherry bunch tomatoes

1 chili

½ l ice cubes

a pinch of salt

loraus vinegar

For decoration: edible flowers such as wild pans and strawberries

Preparation Instructions

Remove the strains from the strawberries and halve them. Chop cucumber, pepper, tomatoes and chili. Put all the ingredients in a blender and puree. Add ice if desired. Taste and add vinegar or salt to your liking.

Pour into small or large glasses. Serve without a spoon. Strawberry gazpachon can be drunk.

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