New potatoes, vegetables from your own vegetable garden and delicious, perfectly fried rainbow trout. As the Finns know, fish is the perfect summer food.

You can also try making rainbow trout on the grill. The Waves to a Meal project shared its tips for grilling rainbow trout.

Remember salting!

The first rule of thumb is to take the rainbow trout fillet to room temperature 30 minutes before the h-moment. At this point, it’s convenient to season.

The Waves to Meal project also emphasizes how salting whole fish is a very important part of a rainbow trout meal’s success. The exact salting time depends on the fat content and size of the rainbow trout. The fatter and bigger the fish, the more salt you should add.

- Whole fish can be salted by immersing it in 10% salt water overnight. Alternatively, the fish can be salted with sea salt throughout. If the whole fish is salted last, the salt will not be absorbed and the fish will not actually be salted. A good schedule is to salt the rainbow trout, for example, the night before grilling or in the morning.

Fillets or lockets?

Many grill rainbow trout fillets. In this case, it is advisable to cut incisions on the surface of the fillet about every four centimeters, as they promote ripening and even seasoning. The Waves to Meal project is also reminiscent of spreading the spice comprehensively over the entire surface, including between incisions.

Pro Kala Ry, on the other hand, suggested in our story published last year that he prefers ready-made portion pieces to leave the skin on the salmon pieces and put the pieces face down on the hot grill.

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In addition to fillets, some Finns want to grill their salmon as medallions. In this case, a large fish, such as rainbow trout, is needed.

- The medallions become pre-portion sizes. They are cut from whole rainbow trout fillets in pieces about four inches wide, with an incision cut all the way to the skin. The leather holds the halves together, the tips of the project tell.

Tammi's large grilling book (January 2018) gives 2-3 cent cents for thick salmon medallions for a grilling time of 4-5 minutes per half.

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Do you prefer salmon medallions or fillets on the grill?

Photo: Jukka Lehtinen

One mistake can make grilled fish taste like soup

Medallions and fillets are grilled in foil, so you should be careful with the foil.

- Get a foil for grilling. The fillet should be placed in the foil with the skin side down. So that the top of the fillet is left bare. The remaining foil can be wrinkled as if into a boat around a fish, project tips are advised.

Without foil, the fish gets caught in the grate easily and its fat drains onto the grill, so the importance of foil should not be underestimated. However, it is not advisable to completely surround the fish with foil, as this will result in a delicate taste of soup.

- Juice does not suffer when the baking temperature and time are appropriate. Therefore, it is good to put the fish in foil, but do not wrinkle the foil.

Roasting rainbow trout is made easier at a constant temperature, so the best option in a summer kitchen is a gas grill instead of a charcoal grill.

 The best temperature for grilling rainbow trout is 170-180 degrees. The fish fillet is grilled in about 20 minutes. For whole fish, it cooks at about 200 degrees and, correspondingly, the grilling time is longer, about 45 minutes - naturally depending on the size of the fish.

“The Original Sin of Finnish Chefs”

When assessing the ripeness of rainbow trout, it should also be taken into account that salmon taken hot from the grill still cooks on a plate.

- Cooking rainbow trout overcooked is the original sin of Finnish home cooks. Too long a cooking time makes rainbow trout dry and tasteless, it crunches in the teeth. Tastelessness and drought are due to the fish losing its natural fat, the Waves to Meal project recalls.

Pink is a sign of ripe salmon, but if maturity is in doubt, you can make sure it’s handy with a fork trick.

- Press the fork tines into the fillet and turn. If the fish splits for a reason, it is ripe. Because it may be difficult to determine a steady cooking temperature when grilling, this fork test is often necessary.

Source: Waves to Meal project. The Waves to Meal project is a collaboration between Raisio Aqua, Kalaneuvos and rainbow trout breeder Nordic Trout. The aim of the project is to promote the breeding of domestic fish.