The Public Prosecution Service (OM) presented several reports in the court of Amsterdam on Wednesday that would reinforce the suspicion against Giermo B. and Moreno B. The men are seen as executors of the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum, but it remains to be seen whether one of them was the shooter.

The Public Prosecution Service already made it clear that it had the suspicion that the intention was to liquidate Wiersum earlier than September 18, the day on which the lawyer was shot.

For example, the girlfriend of 36-year-old Giermo B. sent the messages "be safe" and "as you leave and so you come back" on September 8 to a telephone that is attributed to the suspect.

A day later, the girlfriend of 31-year-old Moreno B. and Giermo B. are in contact and send each other that "they are good" and that "Meno is with his mom, they did not play football and it was resisted to tomorrow ". The prosecution suspects that the latter refers to the murder not going through. Wiersum was then abroad.

From conversations recorded with listening devices in the car of Moreno B. and his girlfriend, it can be concluded that the woman says that her boyfriend must throw up every time it is about the murder on television. And how stupid it is that Giermo B. (photo) kept driving around in the white Opel Combo that was used in the murder of Wiersum.


Police share new images of getaway car gunner Derk Wiersum

Both men deny involvement

Both men continue to deny their involvement in the murder of the then-lawyer of Nabil B., the crown witness in the case against Ridouan T.

According to Giermo B.'s lawyer Jacques Taekema, it is true that his client has used the Opel Combo, but according to him there is no evidence that Giermo B. was in this car on the day of the murder.

Then there is also the shooter. "Who is the shooter?" Taekema wondered aloud. He points out that the description of the man who would have pulled the trigger does not match that of his client.

According to Job Knoester, this also applies to the man he assists, Moreno B. The lawyer made a request on Wednesday to bring the case to a different court than the one in Amsterdam, because he would be too emotionally connected to Wiersum.

This request was rejected. The next session is on September 21 and it is expected that the final file will be completed by then. The suspects will be detained until then.