Berlin (dpa / tmn) - Can I actually ride the e-scooter on the sidewalk? Or in the pedestrian zone when it is free for cyclists?

E-scooters only drive legally on bike paths, bike lanes and bike roads. They are also allowed to use separate and shared pedestrian and cycle paths, reports the German Road Safety Council (DVR) as part of a special campaign.

The scooters are only allowed to drive on the street if there are no such routes. The hard shoulder of the carriageway is to be used outside Pure sidewalks and pedestrian zones are taboo. The sign "Bicycle traffic free" does not apply to the scooters - they are not considered bicycles. Only the additional sign "Small electric vehicles free" allows e-scooters on signposted sidewalks.

As part of the joint focus campaign "How do you get there?" Among other things, the DVR and the accident insurance funds (UK) and professional associations (BG) are concerned with how employees can use, or combine, different means of transport to help prevent traffic accidents.

Action "How do you get there?"