The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has demanded three and four years' imprisonment on Wednesday against two men who are said to be responsible for defrauding a party of mask. The protective equipment was never delivered from Germany after payment.

Substantial penalties that, according to the public prosecutor, should be seen as a signal to society that the State supervises and takes strict action against the abuse of this corona crisis.

A representative who acted on behalf of German companies Arivine Pharma and Med Drop believed to have found a company in March this year capable of supplying 11 million mouth masks.

That same month an advance of 880,000 euros was paid, but the masks were never delivered.

ING account leads to suspect

Investigations revealed that the money had been transferred to an ING account number that belonged to 52-year-old suspect Eduard B. The former owner of a now bankrupt interior design company transferred a large part of the amount directly to the United Bank for Africa in England. A part also went to fellow suspect Gerard M.

According to the public prosecutor, both men knew that the money came from a crime, namely fraud. She tried to launder this by shifting the money.

The sentence against 61-year-old M. is higher because the Public Prosecution Service considers him a leading figure. The man has also recently been convicted of defrauding in another case, although that punishment is not yet irrevocable.

Suspects deny involvement

The suspects themselves deny their involvement in the fraud. B. says he thought the money came from an investor. This would have been told to him by M.

On behalf of the same M., he says that he has transferred the majority of the 880,000 to other accounts and paid creditors with the rest and bought a wood processing machine for his company.

M. in turn points to a third suspect in this case, a Nigerian man. He is said to be the initiator of the fraud and M. declares that he has fallen for this man's story.

The OM acknowledges that this Nigerian man is indeed a suspect, but that they have not been able to hear him as a witness.

However, according to the judiciary, the role of this man does not detract from the criminality of B. and M. The officer has also requested compensation for the victims.