Former US security advisor John Bolton makes serious allegations against President Donald Trump in his new book. He accuses him of repeated abuse of power and, at times, serious ignorance, reports the New York Times. The newspaper is referring to the book to be published next week. Bolton wrote that impeachment proceedings against Trump were justified not only because of the allegations in the Ukraine affair, but also because of other cases.

In several cases, he prevented criminal investigations against the president's dear dictators. This has happened with China and Turkey, Bolton writes, according to the New York Times . In the case of China, Trump had made it clear on several occasions in the negotiations for a trade agreement that his aim was to achieve a result that would allow him to win in the agricultural states in the US election in November, Bolton wrote. China's promise to buy agricultural products is said to have been part of the deal. 

"Disability of the judiciary as an everyday business"

"The behavioral pattern looked like everyday business after the disability of the judiciary, which we could not accept," it continues. Bolton also addressed these concerns in writing to Justice Secretary William Barr. Bolton is also said to have accused Trump of frequently basing his foreign policy on "gut instinct and ignorance".

The president also shouldn't have known that Great Britain was a nuclear power and asked once if Finland belonged to Russia. Bolton also states in the book, according to the New York Times , that it was clear that Trump's personal diplomacy with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un would never lead to a satisfactory outcome. The President's exit from NATO was never seriously considered.

John Bolton had worked closely with Donald Trump as a security advisor. In September 2019, he had lost his post due to disagreements. The U.S. Department of Justice had already tried to prevent the book from appearing. The report, titled The Room Where It Happened , should have been published for the first time in March . According to the current lawsuit, the plant jeopardizes "national security". The publishing house Simon & Schuster sharply criticized the lawsuit and spoke of efforts to suppress the President's unpleasant information.