The roadmap for low-carbon transport and logistics is related to the roadmap work for the sectors coordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, which is included in Sanna Marin's government program, where various industries draw up their guidelines for achieving Finland's carbon neutrality in 2035.

According to those implementing the roadmap, halving transport emissions requires investing in the use of renewable fuels, accelerating the renewal of the car fleet, developing public transport and other sustainable transport services, promoting the digitalisation of logistics and improving transport infrastructure.

The roadmap sets out measures such as: tax relief for the acquisition of motor vehicles, support for the purchase of low-emission vans and trucks, an increase in the obligation to distribute biofuels to 35%, electrification of the rail network and other infrastructure projects promoting sustainable mobility. In addition, sustainable transport services and accelerating digitalisation need to be invested in, among other things, transport system design, public transport development and RDI funding.

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The roadmap has been implemented in co-operation by service sector employers Palta, the Finnish Forwarding and Logistics Association, the Automotive Information Center, the Association of Logistics Companies, the Local Transport Association, the Bus Association and the Intelligent Transport Network - ITS Finland. The work has been done together with Afry / Pöyry Management Consulting. The roadmap covers domestic road, water and rail transport. In the roadmap, the halving target is achieved without emission compensation.