Berlin (AP) - A block of flats in Berlin-Neukölln with probably several hundred residents has been quarantined because of 54 corona cases. The exact number of residents is unknown, said City Councilor Falko Liecke (CDU).

"I have no idea how many people actually live there," says Liecke. It is not always said who else lives in an apartment. “Bild” and “BZ” initially reported about it. The district office Neukölln wants to inform about the arrangements on Tuesday (11.30 a.m.).

According to the city councilor Liecke, residents of the affected apartment block mostly live in larger families. When the officials went to the office, not all residents were always on site. The “increased infection rate” through infections in two schoolchildren and the subsequent follow-up of contacts has become known. The quarantine for the apartment building was ordered on Saturday.

Health Senator Spokesman Dilek Kalayci (SPD) said: “We had a meeting today with medical officers in the Senate Health Department. We were told how to proceed in Neukölln and were told that there are different ethnicities. » According to the Neukölln medical officer, there have been 51 cases of infection to date.

According to a report by the RBB, the infection number comes from Friday, and further laboratory results are currently being awaited. In addition, further residents of the affected block parts are to be tested during the week. A pastor of the local community is therefore treated in the hospital.

The block of flats in Harzer Straße is in northern Neukölln near the S-Bahn ring between Treptow and Sonnenallee.

Article "BZ"