Travel blogger Veera Bianca became known to the general public from the You What You Eat series, where she put her lifestyle under renovation under the guidance of doctor Pippa Lauka. Veera shed several pounds in the program and has continued her new lifestyle even after that.

Last week, the blogger rejoiced at Instagram that he had achieved a significant goal: the scale looked 30 pounds less than when he began his lifestyle change last year in the descriptions of the You’re What You Eat series.

- 30 pounds. What a trip from last summer. Who would have thought the answer can be found in the balanced and healthy diet and workout she enjoys, Veera rejoiced at her Instagram.

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Now the transformation of the Finnish blogger has made headlines in the world as well. The German Fit for fun website reported something about the transformation with the headline “Success story: shed 30 pounds a year - that’s how Veera did it”.

According to the article, Veera struggled with her weight from a young age. He tried to lose weight through various diets, but eventually developed an eating disorder for himself.

The site, which focuses on well-being and weight management, says the key to Veera’s successful weight loss was that the blogger forgave himself for his past failures and for allowing himself to get into such poor shape and start from a clean slate.

Fit for fun highlights that for Veera, lifestyle renovation meant not only weight loss but also overall well-being. The site glows that the blogger did not start to torture on a fast diet in the hope of quick results, but began to eat a balanced and healthy Four times a day. The goal was a lifestyle renovation that will last and bring lasting results.

Veera has said that she has struggled with her weight in some since she was a child. She was already trying to lose weight in elementary school.

- At the age of 8, I decided to be skinny by next summer. At the age of 13, a school nurse told me I should lose weight, Veera listed on Instagram in May and continued:

- At the age of 15, the doctor told me I was fatter than my other age and therefore the boys might ruin my expense. At the age of 16, a personal trainer put me on the Atkins diet to get tight abdominal muscles. At the age of 17, I joined weight watchers.

The blogger told in the You Are What You Eat series that his health was finally ruined in 2008 when he was involved in a riding accident and broke his spine. As a result, the joy of exercise disappeared, and Veera began to avoid moving.

Before participating in the TV diet program, Veera's busy life included wine and delicacies. His regular diets shone with his absence and his lifestyle was in retouching.

Veera admitted to being a heavy drinker of alcohol: she drank about 12 bottles of wine a month, or three bottles a week. As a result of her lifestyle, Veera had accumulated 80 pounds of fat in her body and her waist circumference was 164 cents.

Veera Bianca has been writing her popular travel and lifestyle blog for a long time. He is also a popular photo service on Instagram, where he has over 34,000 followers. Today, he also does a Jetlag podcast.